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    Bullet points of the Saints in the post season:

    This will be the Saints' 13th post season appearance, and 8th under coach Sean Payton. They also made 4 playoffs under Jim Mora, and one under Jim Haslett

    The Saints' overall playoff record is 9-11. Payton is 8-6, Mora was 0-4, and Haslett, 1-1.

    This is the Saints' 8th division championship, divided at 6 for Payton, and 1 each for Mora and Haslett. They are 3-1 when playing in the wild card round as division champs, and 3-0 in the divisional round after earning a bye.

    This will be the 5th playoff meeting with the Vikings, making them their most frequent post season opponent. The Vikings hold a 3-1 advantage in the series. The next most frequent post opponent is the Eagles, at 4 games, with the Saints leading 3-1. Other opponents.....1-0 vs Cardinals, 1-0 vs Panthers, 1-0 vs Lions, 1-0 vs Colts, 1-1 vs Rams, 0-1 vs 49ers, 0-1 vs Falcons, 0-2 vs Seahawks, 0-2 vs Bears.

    The Saints are 7-4 at home in the post season, 1-7 on the road, and 1-0 on a neutral field.
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