Saints to play in 5 primetime games in 2010 (Schedule inside)

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by islstl, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Sep 9th... Minnesota 8:30 est (Sunday Night Football - Thursday Edition)
    Sep 20th.. @ San Francisco 8:30 est (Monday Night Football)
    Sep 26th.. Atlanta 1 pm est
    Oct 3rd... Carolina 1 pm est
    Oct 10th.. @ Arizona 4 pm est
    Oct 17th.. @ Tampa Bay 1 pm est
    Oct 24th.. Cleveland 1 pm est
    Oct 31st.. Pittsburgh 8:20 pm est (Sunday Night Football)
    Nov 7th... @ Carolina 1 om est
    Nov 14th.. BYE
    Nov 21st.. Seattle 4 pm est
    Nov 25th.. @ Dallas 4 pm est (Thanksgiving Day)
    Dec 5th.... @ Cincinnati 1 pm est
    Dec 12th.. St. Louis 4 pm est
    Dec 19th.. @ Baltimore 1 pm est
    Dec 27th.. @ Atlanta 8:30 pm est (Monday Night Football)
    Jan 2nd... Tampa Bay 1 pm est

    Interestingly, they elected to have 3 away games. Almost every prime time game is a home game when it comes to the Saints.

    How about the Saints whipping them cowgirls on Thanksgiving day?
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    Tough schedule but not as tough as i though the NFL would stick us with. Kinda odd for a 1-15 team is on the SB champion schedule.
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    NFL schedules are set in stone.

    • 6 division games
    • every team from 1 NFC division on rotating basis (this year, all of NFC South plays all of NFC West)
    • every team from 1 AFC division on rotating basis (this year, NFC South vs AFC North)
    • remaining 2 games are vs Conference teams from remaining 2 divisions that finished in same place as you (Cowboys and Vikings)

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