Sapling hypocrisy continues on multiple fronts

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Tom, Oct 21, 2002.

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    1) Love the way Sapling ATTEMPTS to differentiate between Iraq and everyone else. North Korea LIES to the world for years and gets US bribe money for NOT developing nuclear weapons. Oooopppppssss, they did, but Sapling says it's different because Saddam has been thumbing his nose at the world for 11 years. Hey Sapling, what do you call scamming the US by TAKING MONEY from the US and STILL developing "weapons of mass destruction." ROTFLMAO!! What it REALLY is about Sapling let slip a few weeks ago, "and he tried to kill my daddy". LOL!! And Saudi Arabia has been PROVEN to be the biggest supplier of money to al Qaeda including telethons televised on Saudi TV. So exactly why then has Saudi Arabia never made the "axis of evil", huh? While at the same time, NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE has been presented that comes close to linking Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda. Quite a double standards and quite the lie by Sapling I might add. A little spoiled frat boy tries to get even for someone being an enemy of his father. Grow up, Sapling!!

    2) Now, 15 days before the election, Sapling wants to restrict the amount of lawsuits that can be filed to delay the expiration of a pharmaceutical patent. Uh, Sapling, I hate to inform you but that could have been proposed BY YOU almost 2 years ago. Uh, Sapling, I hate to inform you but your GOP buddies in Congress LAST YEAR tried to introduce legislation to EXTEND LEGALLY the patent term by a couple of years. So yes, it is quite LAUGHABLE for Sapling and the GOP to now attempt to represent themselves as the great defender of generic drugs and the pharmaceutical companies' greatest nemesis.

    3) Sapling talked about full disclosure by companies regarding their accounting, decision-making, etc. to shareholders, yet Dicky Cheney fought till the bitter end having to turn over documents related to THEIR energy policy decisions made with the energy companies IN THE ROOM while groups that opposed the energy companies beliefs were NEVER allowed to speak. Hmmm, sounds like a little hiding of information to the American people to me (quite similar to non-disclosure of pertinent information to shareholders).

    Bottom line: The GOP and Sapling represent the highest form of hypocrisy shown in my lifetime. They try to play both sides against the middle and seem to find a conscience somewhere around election time. I'm sure that is just a coincidence.

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