Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West

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    Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West - Times Online

    SAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

    According to officials in Macedonia, Islamic fundamentalism threatens to destabilise the Balkans. Strict Wahhabi and Salafi factions funded by Saudi organisations are clashing with traditionally moderate local Muslim communities.

    Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centres as well as handing some followers up to £225 a month. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the niqab, or face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans.

    Government sources in traditionally secular Macedonia (official title the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), said they were monitoring up to 50 Al-Qaeda volunteers recruited to fight in Afghanistan.
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    The House of Saud with their enormous oil wealth is the kingpin of the global jihad. While our intelligence agencies fiddle, Rome is burning. Anyone, who believes the extent of the threat consist of just AQ and the Taliban, must be living on Mars or otherwise working for one of those completely useless intelligence agencies.

    While most people are fixated only on violent jihad, I’m far more worried about the non-violent stealth variety of jihad that takes place for the most part behind the scenes completely unseen.

    For instance, Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal suddenly purchases a 7 percent stake in News Corp, the parent company of Fox News, and almost simultaneously Fox News morphs into Fox-al-Arabia in their news reporting of Muslims, terrorism, and Israel.

    Not to mention that Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the same Saudi prince that tried to bribe Rudy Giuliani into blaming 9/11 on Israel in exchange for $10 million. Thankfully Rudy told him to go to hell. He has also given both Georgetown University and Harvard University $20 million a piece to influence textbooks printed in the USA to white wash Islam.

    Nevertheless, Jimmy Carter, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have all made out like bandits, as each individual has collected millions of dollars from the venerable House of Saud. Only God knows what was given up in exchange for those millions of dollars. No wonder Obama was photographed bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. I bet he can’t wait for his big payday coming soon too.
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    This is old news. Like two decades old...
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    yep. and the islamists are the ones trying to overthrow the house of al sa'ud. that is one of the reasons the king gives so much power and leeway to the religious police. trying to balance between keeping power and placating the islamic fundamentalists who want to be rid of a monarchy and have a complete religious government.

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