Say what you want but Les Miles is a good coach, man and recruiter

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by WestCoastTiger, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I aim to be consistent, Shane.


    Which does not include Leonard Fournette or any other nationally ranked five star top tier talent!
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    You are such a little whiner, already whining about what you think might not be a great class next year because no one can dispute you with facts because it is too early. In doing so you are probably trying to draw attention away from the spectacular class we are currently putting together in 2012.
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    Guess I missed signing day? Hes in the 2013 class?

    No one has signed anywhere, long time till signing day, you should know this.

    Got to love the 5* talent. :)

    The 2011 All-American class, Mo Claiborne was the lowest ranked player on the board, the #58 Athlete. Mo was a 3* player, one without a position. LSU moved him to CB and the rest was history.

    Once again LSU took the lowest rated position player from this last years class and coached him into an All-SEC player, Jalen Mills.

    Looking back at the list of 5* players from the 2007 class, Athlons did a write-up on these players. So many never panned out. For too many the words, improper benefits, injury, transferred, not selected in the draft and many with legal troubles. Many never played a down with the school they signed with.

    You never know, I think the staff does a better job than most with high school players, an many of the High School, College and Pro coaches I talk with say the same thing.
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    I like the class they are putting together for signing day, filling needs and adding depth.

    There are just too many Jr. this year, that will sign in 2014, I've never seen the state this loaded, you'd have to go back a number of years. In the high school finials in the dome, too many Jrs with talent on all the teams.


    I don't see it that way. I prefer to remain vigilent & critical. That is until LSU wins one more BCSNC for if they do not then IMO they fail.
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    Look at the rivals board, LSU is at 5 right now, the only team in the top 5 with more 5 stars is Notre Dame, no one has more 4 stars, and I think Florida may be the only team with more 3 stars. This is going to end up being a monster class.


    I understand but I very much desire LSU to be a "top-tier-contender" not just good but great!
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    cajdav1 Soldiers are real hero's

    BS, you keeping talking about Coach Miles not being able to get to recruits in the future by completely discounting the present. Your Your prejudice clouds your thinking.

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