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    One of my cousins that I'm close with will be a senior in high school next year. She has a good GPA (4.0 or close to it) from a good school and just took the ACT for the 2nd time (guessing it will be about a 25).

    She's from a single parent family with minimal funds for college so will most likely go to either LSU or ULL.

    I don't think she has any plans to apply for scholarships although I'd like to help coordinate the process if there is much of a benefit. For example, if getting a scholarship would help not having to work during college (LSU / ULL) or if it would help getting into a better school.

    She was born in Texas and lives in Louisiana if that is relevant. I'm assuming it wouldn't hurt to just apply for as many scholarships as possible (although not sure how you find out about them).

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    With that GPA and ACT she will qualify for TOPS. It will pay most of her tuition. Are you familiar with TOPS?
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    TOPS started a couple of years after I finished so I'm only a little familiar. I think that is the plan for her. Of course, going to LSU requires room and board and other living expenses so naturally it would be good to get some help there if possible.
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    Get familiar with the FAFSA form.
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    Yep. I have done 9 of them. They are MUCH EASIER now than several years ago.

    If the girl has savings, move it to parent's today. There are LEGAL things you can do on the FASFA, again LEGAL, that will help you get aid. My kids got squat, but to even work on campus (work study) you have to fill the FAFSA out.

    Listen closely: Just have one FASFA account. A friend of mine got all bollixed up with his, his wife had one, and his daughter had one. Keep it simple, just one account. Thank me later. Good Luck.
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    Born in Texas is not relevant. I assume she has a LA address and/or attended High School in LA therefore she would be eligible for a TOPS scholarship.
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    Yeah, a good friend just went with his daughter to check out housing and he said it was 1200.00 a month in the "safe" sections. Look into PELL grants too. Not sure if they still exist but I knew someone who got some cash each semester. Back then it was $800.00 bucks.
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    Rent around campuses is very high these days. The older affordable housing is being torn down for new apartments and condos. Parents with resources are buying condos for their kids so that they can sell them in four years and get their money back. A small house on my block sold to a woman who has a freshman at LSU and another one a freshman in high school. Her plan is to put them in the house sequentially and then sell it for a profit in 8 years.

    Everything about school is expensive these days. With Piyush cutting the school budgets tuitions have gone through the roof. It is impossible for kid to get a bachelors degree without borrowing money these days. $20K is about average. It has to be intimidating to students and parents.

    I got my BS in the 70's without borrowing any money on a small scholarship, a little help from the folks who insisted on buying my books, and a part-time job. But tuition was $139 a semester and my rent was $86 a month. Times have really changed.
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    A good friend of mine has three daughters, knowing all three would end up going to LSU. We found a house close by the campus, less than a couple hundred yards. Made a low bid on a house. Many passed on the house, due to A/C window units, damaged wood floors, etc. I went in took out the window units, replacing the old wood windows, adding an alarm system. Central A/C and heat. The old floors were damaged beyond repair, so I took an added a thin glue down Oak for the overlay. Did a few more things, the home value quickly rose.

    My friend has now found another house even closer to campus to do some of the same.

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