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    @shane0911 That it took "sweetheart deals" to pass is irrelevant. All bills require it. Why people behave as if this was some type of exception or have become befuddled by it just shows you how much attention they paid to what went on in civics class. It's politics. Nothing more, nothing less. The GOP doesn't have the market cornered on corruptness, greed or pleasing vocal minorities. It was definitely poorly planned by the Obama Administration, but it was passed so I hardly can see how it was poor leadership since the goal of implementing it was reached.

    Do you know what they call the guy who barely graduates medical school?


    Barely passing is still passing...
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    True that pass is pass however this wasn't your run of the mill highway restoration or some other shovel ready crap. This is/was/will be huge, especially when people start to realize how much it cost. Too bad they won't figure out how bad they were lied to until its too late.
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    Here we go again, this Supreme Court mainly Thomas who should have been recused, Alito, that fat fucking douchebag Scalia, Roberts and the other one rule that Hobby Lobby, being that it's a person and all, hobby lobby's religious beliefs trump the law.

    This SCOTUS has continually proven that it's only concern is the money in politics and will do everything to ensure that this continues to be the best government money can buy.

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    they still cover vasectomies for men and they are personally vested into a company that makes birth control for women.
    go figure.

    but i really dont have a nickel in this dime.
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    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

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    Actually what the court ruled is that the law in a narrowly defined set of circumstances is not constitutional.
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    Hobby Lobby does cover birth control in their policy. They do exclude 4 types the IUD, The morning after pill the week after pill and one other. The standard types of BC pills are covered. This is hysteria that equals or surpasses the NRA's on any sane gun control measure.
  8. LaSalleAve

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    They would be wrong, It's completely constitutional according to article 1 section 8 of the constitution.

    It is a very big deal, now the SCROTUM has opened the door for all corporations to combat laws with precedent and use religious rights as their excuse to be cheap fucks and not pay for something that the law states they have to. I wonder how this court would have voted if white Christians were fighting for their rights against a Muslim corporation citing religious freedom.

    This all goes back to citizens united. I have a question, if a corporation is a person why aren't any in jail or on death row? Are republicans going to try to protest my right to abort my corporation if i end it before it begins? What we are seeing is citizens united has now made it absolutely clear that the amount of freedom you have is directly related to how many zeros you have in your bank account.
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    I have a tough time giving a rats ass about the Hobby Lobby situation. It seems kind of chintzy to impose your religious beliefs on your employees. But its their business and if they can handle the staff turnover and lost customers/revenue from this policy, then it's their privilege.

    On the other hand there are some slippery slope issues here. What happened when a Jehovah's witness employee refuses to cover blood transfusions. Or a Christian Science employer refusing to cover anything related to doctors? Heaven knows what Muslim or Native American employers might consider to be taboo.
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    I do think that is a far concern Red. Had the SCOTUS ruled the other way I would not have been disturbed for the very reason you cite.
    I have had issue with the reaction of the libs and abortion rights crowd. They sound more and more like the NRA...uncompromising extremists and rather than discuss the legal issues and ramifications the fire insults at the SCOTUS and HL. Ignored in the hue & cry is that HL covers most birth control including the pill. There are 4 they don't. IUD, the Day after pill, the week after pill and one other yet the outcry is that they are denying women access to birth control.

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