Sea Salt; Celery Salt; Iodized/Non Iodized Salt

Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by lsutiga, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. MLUTiger

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    We only use kosher salt. It tends to stick to food better, so we find that we use less of it.
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  2. LSUDad

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    Morton Salt has one that says, Mediterranean Sea Salt, its a product of Spain.

    I was on Avery Island last weekend, the Island is a Salt Dome. During the Civil War the Island was shelled, by the Union Army. Salt was/is used in the making of gunpowder.

    Modern Day, the salt from the Island is taken away by barge and use mostly as salting for roads.

    While on the Island this trip, I got to see some of the original lab area where the first Tobasco Sauce was developed, back in 1868.
  3. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    I don't think salt is used to make gunpowder. It's military value was as a preservative for unrefrigerated food.

    However sulphur is vital for gunpowder and it can be found in the cap rock of salt domes sometimes in almost pure form.
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  4. islstl

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  5. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

    Not sure if that picture is just blown up to the point of not being actual size, but my sea salt looks like what they show as table salt, and my table salt is about 1/3 that size.
  6. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    Speaking of salt, I'm going to have to find some rock salt today. My roof drips onto my front steps and last week they were coated with ice, making it dangerous to go out and get my paper or mail from my country mailbox. With an 80% chance of winter precipitation tomorrow, I need to be able to de-ice those steps before I bust my ass.
  7. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    How is that done? Do you throw the rock salt down before?
  8. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    Boy, have you never been above 31 degrees of latitude? You throw some sand and salt on the icy steps. The sand for grip and the salt to melt the ice. I got a bag of coarse sand in the shed and now I have a box of rock salt.

    If you expect ice, go out and cover your windshield with cardboard or visqueen and make it easy to remove the ice tomorrow. Yankees know this shit.
  9. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    lol. I figured I'd get a little tongue lashin for asking that. I'm a back-woods country phuck. Barely been out of the Parish.

    Thanks for the splainin.

    That's pretty darn wise. Would've never thought of that. Can't hot water crack a windshield if it's poured on to melt ice?
  10. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    Works great, they even sell it pre-mixed up here

    That is old school amigo. My neighbor draped a tarp over his truck a few weeks ago, when I went out he was out there with an ice pick trying to crack the ice all around it because it had frozen over and he couldn't get into his truck. Damnit it was cold but of course I helped him peel that shit off. Now a days we just stand our windshield wipers up so that the ice and snow doesn't stick to em and just start the car and put on the defrost on full blast burn your ass and you are gtg in about 10 min.

    As you should Jr. Can't believe you didn't know that? That is some entry level 101 type shit bro.

    I'm not trying it. My damn windshield is already spidered out enough as it is but it sounds logical

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