Sean Payton to Cowboys?

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by pjnchamps, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Heard this morning Loomis is working hard to get him resigned, priority nĂºmero uno....I heard somewhere on ESPN radio that he had a clause in his contract that of Loomis wasn't the GM he could opt out....not sure if bounty gate voided it because he temporarily wasn't the GM.
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    He would not have nearly as much control over personnel under Jerry as he does with Loomis.
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    As much as I am glad he is our coach, and the appreciation he deserves with the new productive offense we've seen the last few years... I think it's high time he dissects the Defense and brings it more in line with the offense.
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    You mean the house that belongs to the woman who is divorcing him?

    Why the hell would Payton want to coach the Cowboys? Especially with Drew Brees still breathing?
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    ESPN radio (Randy Galloway and crew) in Dallas can't quit talking about the odds of getting Payton to replace Red J (Jason Garrett). Makes me ill to even hear the talk. I'd put nothing past Jerry Jones though. JJ is crucified daily here for his total control mentality and bad decisions. With Red J likely gone, the Saints need to sign Payton no matter what it takes! No doubt JJ is putting out 'feelers' for Payton. Even die-hard fans are finally seeing JJ as a total joke. ESPN Dallas calls it a once in a lifetime shot to get Payton. PUKE! JJ would have to give Payton the kind of control he gave Parcells, at a minimum. He'll have a hard time with that, but fans are revolting, so he'll need to find a way to legitimacy without losing (surgically enhanced) face.
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    While I appreciate Peyton and all he has done for the Saints and NOLA, I will have no problem throwing him into the Saban catergory QUICK if he leaves. I feel he had at very least knowledge of this stupid bounty thing, and I do believe that the punishment didn't fit the crime. That said though, if he bolts after he helped get us in this mess, I will have to saban him.
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    Jerry won't hire Payton because Payton will actually want to coach and manage his team. The Cowboys will never have a top level coach or be relevant until the JJ doesn't wake up from one of his plastic surgeries.
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    is anyone hearing anything about negotiations to sign payton in new orleans? i live in a dallas suburb and, let me tell you, it's all over the place. people are LOVING that there has been virtually no word on jj knows payton would love to coach the can the cowboys fire garrett and hire payton even if they make it into the even though jj doesn't want to pay what it would take to get payton here it would be a brilliant marketing plan to pay whatever it takes. jj's 70 years old and he's biting at the bit to have to cowboys be relevant one more time before he's gone. and man, don't underestimate jj and the limelight of coaching the cowboys, even when they suck they're one of the most watched teams (not to say the most valuable). and with payton's kids living in the area, who knows! saints fans have forgotten that it took 40 years to be considered an elite team. we can't assume everything will be fine if we lose payton.

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