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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Vincent4Heisman, Aug 2, 2004.

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    All in all, we've got a good group of coaches in the SEC. *Most of them have respect for their opponents.*

    What made me think about this was watching Georgia vs Florida from 2002 on TV tonight. Richt has always been comptetive, I liken him to Coach Saban somewhat. Ron Zook, however, walked into a program that had high expectations. Spurrier was a douche bag and always will be a douche bag, and with him leaving after the 2001 season and Zook being hired, the SEC automatically had an integrity boost.

    I was going to write a little something about the coaches, but the only two I can't stand are Philly and Tuberville, just simply for their ass-like qualities. I think once Tubby gets his ass run from Auburn the SEC will automatically have another integrity boost.

    LSU - Nick Saban
    Georgia - Mark Richt
    Florida - Ron Zook
    Alabama - Mike Shula
    South Carolina - Lou Holtz
    Ole Miss - David Cutcliffe
    Miss. St. - Sylvester Croom
    Vanderbilt - Bobby Johnson
    Kentucky - Rich Brooks
    Arkansas - Houston Nutt
    Tennessee - Philly Fulmer
    Auburn - Tommy Tuberville

    * - See last two names on list.
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    Jun 24, 2003
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    Not sure how Shula is that high after 4 wins
  3. Vincent4Heisman

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    I'm not really going on wins and losses, I'm going on how I percieve the guy to be. He seems to be a respectable guy. I don't know enough about Kentucky and Vandys coaches to put them any higher.

    For Shula, wins and losses, no, no, he'd be way down.
  4. tirk

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    my list of preference if i was an AD of a university. Would move Holtz down since he is so old but I respect his abilities over phlatulent phil. not a character list per se but tubby can coach as can granny holtz.

    Nick Saban
    Mark Richt
    Lou Holtz
    Phillip Fulmer
    Houston Nutt
    Tommy Tuberville
    Ron Zook
    David Cutcliffe
    Sylvester Croom
    Bobby Johnson
    Mike Shula
    Rich Brooks
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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Current top tier coaches: Saban and Richt

    Excellent coaches, proven champions: Fulmer, Holst

    Good coaches, usually winners: Nutt, Cutcliff, Tuberville, Zook

    Unproven coaches: Shula, Croom, Johnson, Brooks

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