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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Hawker45, Jan 13, 2005.

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    It appears the SEC will install instant replay for 2005 conference games (story at
    As you know, the Big Ten just finished its first year of instant replay and it was a huge success. There are no coaches throwing out flags or time-outs being charged if the calls are not overturned, just a guy up in the box reviewing plays related to fumbles, pass receptions and spotting of the ball. Foe example, the first down spot in the LSU/Iowa game would have been reviewed.

    My reason for posting is only to let you know that the fans and teams in the Big Ten love the system... and hopefully you will see it as a positive, too. I have included (below) the 2004 findings from

    During the 2004 campaign, play was stopped in only 28 of 57 contests (49 percent) for a total of 43 stoppages and 21 overturned calls (49 percent of stoppages). These numbers compared favorably to the Big Ten's instant replay pilot program, as the data collected in 2003 showed that play would have been stopped in 31 of 68 games (46 percent) for a total of 45 stoppages and 23 overturned calls (51 percent of stoppages). In addition, the use of instant replay did not significantly affect game times as the length of the 57 games utilizing instant replay in 2004 was only three hours and 16 minutes, compared to three hours and 13 minutes in all 2003 contests. Less than one stoppage occurred per game in 2004, as the Big Ten's average length of review was only two minutes and 39 seconds, compared to the National Football League average of three minutes and 20 seconds for its instant replay system.

    Best wishes to LSU... may we meet again SOON.
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    With the officiating we have seen in the SEC the last couple of years SEC fans should be jumping for joy at the possibility of instant replay. Instant replay was successfully tested in the SEC at the LSU/Bama game a few years back. :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
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    Phil Fulmer was just seen running down the the UT laundry room to have his pants washed.

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