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  1. MarceloD

    MarceloD Freshman

    Hello my name is Marcelo Duran and I am a social media representative for DISH. I came across your forum about the LSU and saw that there was some talk about the SEC Network. I was wondering if it would be okay to start a thread that would help answer any questions regarding the SEC Network and the products and services DISH provides. We want to make sure your community has the latest information about us so that way if they decide to switch they will be able to get timely answers. If this is okay please let me know. All the information we provide will come from myself or others on the social media team.

    Thank you for your time,

    Marcelo Duran
    Social Media Representative
  2. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    I haven't cut the cable yet but welcome. Which college team is your fav?
  3. COTiger

    COTiger 2010 Bowl Pick 'Em Champ

    I suspect it starts with a T and ends with a s. :D
  4. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    I was wondering if he's a fan at all and more of an opportunist. ;)
  5. COTiger

    COTiger 2010 Bowl Pick 'Em Champ

    I suspect the latter, not there's anything wrong with that.
  6. MarceloD

    MarceloD Freshman

    Hey sorry for the delay, but I went to Colorado State so I always love to see them do well. We got Jim McElwain as a head coach who's helped the program a lot. He might be an Alabama guy, but it's nice to see some SEC influence for our football team.
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  7. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    Stick around and impart some Mountain West insight. Could be very helpful come Bowl Pick 'Em time.

    Anyone here have any SEC Network feedback for the guy?
  8. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    In fact I do.

    Please fire Brent Shitburger

    That is all
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  9. BRETT

    BRETT LSU FAN Staff Member

    The LSU coverage sucks. You wouldn't know they are participating in one of the best opening games of the season by watching the SEC network.
  10. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    The SEC network has a game on opposite the Wisconsin/LSU game. Looks like they aren't going to promote a game that might distract people from the extravaganza that is Southern Miss at Mississippi State in lovely Stark Vegas. They really, really want to outdraw the Big Ten network on weekend one.

    Of course, they were shrewd enough to put a game opposite us that wasn't going to draw a big audience outside of Mississippi anyway.

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