SEC Recruiting Standings (Rivals)

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    Number of recruits in parenthesis

    1. Alabama (22)
    2. Tennessee (29)
    4. Georgia (17)
    5. Texas A&M (17)
    8. Kentucky (25)
    13. LSU (15)
    15. Ole Miss (19)
    16. Auburn (16)
    19. Florida (14)
    21. Vanderbilt (20)
    30. Arkansas (17)
    31. Missouri (25)
    32. South Carolina (14)
    37. Mississippi State (18)

    I think we will end up with SEC taking 4 of the top 5 spots at year's end. Alabama and LSU fighting for the top spot, then Georgia and A&M fighting for 3rd, 4th and 5th spots along with Ohio State. Tennessee, Notre Dame, Auburn, Florida, Clemson, Miami and FSU fighting for spots 6 through 12.

    So 7 SEC teams in the top 12 almost assuredly.

    Ole Miss, Kentucky, South Carolina being just outside the top 12, and no worse than than top 20. So 10 SEC teams in the top 20 is a definite.

    Vandy and Arkansas probably finish in the top 25, and Mississippi State will be really close as well.

    Missouri will bring up the rear somewhere between 35 and 40, unless they can steal a couple of high ranked recruits. They should get a boost especially if they can win the SEC East.
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    Updated per the 247sports Composite Ranking:

    1. Alabama (23)
    3. Tennessee (33)
    4. Texas A&M (19)
    7. Auburn (20)
    9. Georgia (16)
    10. Florida (19)
    11. LSU (16)
    13. Ole Miss (25)
    17. Kentucky (25)
    25. South Carolina (16)
    30. Vanderbilt (20)
    33. Arkansas (19)
    35. Missouri (26)
    41. Mississippi State (17)

    8 of the top 13.

    The SEC should finish with 7 teams in the top 10. Ohio State and Notre Dame being 2 of the 3 non-SEC teams to make the list. And then the 10th team being FSU, Texas, Michigan or Clemson most likely. Tennessee does have a shot at dropping out of the top 10 as their class is seemingly full at this point.

    Missouri is a bit of a disappointment in recruiting coming off their sensational season. Maybe the uptick is going to happen next recruting season.
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    Damn, 7 of the top 10. And I would not be surprised to see Ole Miss make a huge jump.

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