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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by volsense, Jan 1, 2002.

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    Hey Tigers. The Gamecocks got up on Ohio State 28 - 0 and fell asleep and had to win it on a last second field goal. This makes two years in a row South Carolina has beaten Ohio State in a bowl game. The Vols rebounded from the loss in Atlanta to crush the Michigan Wolverines 45 - 17. Michigan beat Illinois so you guys, if your head is on right , should take care of business and make the SEC 3 - 0 against the Big 10. I know Coach Saban will have you focused so get after them and good luck.
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    I read recently (not sure where) that the reason SEC football athletes appear to be faster than Big 10 guys is because most play basketball growing up in the off-season while most Big 10 athletes run track & field. While their 40-yard times may be identical, the anticipation skills that basketball improves translates well on the football field. This makes them appear to be faster and better athletes. I had never heard this explanation until the debate started during the bowls and was wondering if anyone had ever heard of this.

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