Secondary Violations? No Link, No big Deal

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Deceks7, Jul 30, 2006.

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    I saw this on an AU Site. It isn't a big deal, but thought you would be interested.

    LSU and MSU report violations
    Interesting approach to a season that MAY pay off...

    Quote: LSU self-reports secondary violation
    July 30, 2006

    By Glenn Guilbeau
    [email protected]

    BATON ROUGE -- The LSU football team tried something new over the summer -- yogalates.

    "Yogalates heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention," says a Web site dedicated to yogalates, an exercise that combines yoga with the popular pilates.

    Yogalates and other forms of exercise or various instruction for athletes is also against NCAA rules if it is taught over the summer by an instructor not affiliated with a university. Two weeks ago, LSU self-reported this violation, which is considered a Level II secondary violation with II less serious than I one because they are inadvertent, according to the voluminous and somewhat picky NCAA manual.

    Most of the LSU football team was taking part in a 12-week yogalates training schedule leading up to the beginning of football practice, which will be on Monday, Aug. 7. Every Wednesday night, players did the exercises for an hour under the supervision of LSU strength coach Tommy Moffitt and outside yogalates instructor Don Yesso of Baton Rouge.

    "It was an oversight by our strength and conditioning staff," LSU associate athletic director for NCAA compliance Chris Howard said Saturday.

    Non-LSU employees are allowed for such instruction to athletes during the regular school semesters, but not during the summer.

    Level II secondary violations carry no punishment from the NCAA.

    "No formal processing of the reports will occur," the NCAA manual states. "Level II violations will not require institutions to seek reinstatement of eligibility for any involved student-athlete. Some Level II violations will require institutions to take certain prescribed actions in response to the violation."

    Howard, who was the NCAA's assistant director of enforcement before coming to LSU in late 2003, has already taken care of that.

    "Next summer, we will make sure everyone instructing those workouts is an LSU employee," he said. "But this is not that big of a deal."

    The spirit of the rule is to stop colleges from hiring professional experts in a particular sport to work with their teams in the summer, Howard said. For example, schools with large budgets like an LSU could create a competitive advantage by bringing in an NFL assistant coach who is an expert at the zone blitz to coach players.

    Mississippi State also recently self-reported the same Level II secondary violation regarding yoga classes for football players. Bracky Brett, Mississippi State's NCAA enforcement director, learned of the illegal yoga instructor through a feature story in the Clarion-Ledger newspaper in Jackson, Miss.

    Howard also learned of LSU's infraction through a story on LSU's yogalates workouts in the The Times.

    "A couple of weeks ago I saw this feature story about it," Howard said. "And that's when we self-reported it." ​
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    if there is no penalty for doing it, why is it illegal?
  3. captainpodnuh

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    One could assume that it could be part of an NCAA pile on in the event of a Level I infraction(s). It likely fits into the penalty matrix somewhere.
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    Sounds like some new drink at Starbucks. :hihi:
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    Yeah.. apparently the ncaa is being knitpicky this year... UL got cited because they took roll for voluntary summer workouts... taking roll at those workouts was made against the rules this year...
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    LOL @ the NCAA. They can regulate summer yoga classes but can't figure out a playoff scenerio? Lovely.
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    So I guess the instructor wasn't paid by LSU. After all, if he was paid, he would be an LSU employee, and there would be no violation, right?

    If Tommy Moffit wanted the Tigers to do "Yoga Booty Ballet", I would trust him based on the results he has achieved in the past. There's a reason that Skip insisted Les keep him on.

  8. LSUDeek

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    Master Joel Neely, a local Sixth Degree Black Belt taekwondo master, had trained the Tigers during Saban's tenure. Evidently, he was considered an employee of LSU at the time.
  9. LSU Rubi

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    This is Louisiana you are talking about after sure that instructor was traded 4 season tickets in sec. 103 about 10 yards up for their to the person thats unfamiliar how Louisiana does would appear that the instructor was in fact, not on the payroll.:yelwink2:

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