Sewer Fishing in Texas

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    Sewer fishing: Can fishing get any crazier?
    Texas teenager fishes through the holes of a manhole cover of a storm drain
    August 22, 2014 by David Strege


    A teenager in Katy, Texas, has one of the most unique—and oddest—fishing holes you’ll ever see and it’s located just off the sidewalk near his house. Kyle Naegeli, 16, goes sewer fishing through the holes of the storm drain manhole cover. Certainly it’s the craziest-type fishing we’ve ever encountered.

    Naegeli baits a hook, puts it through a hole in the manhole cover, and drops it down into the water of the storm sewer below. A cork attacked to the line above prevents losing the line. Then he waits.

    Naegeli told GrindTV Outdoor that he’s been sewer fishing for four years and has been posting several YouTube videos of his catches online. Some people are skeptical, but the more you see him sewer fishing the more you’re convinced it isn’t faked.

    While sewer fishing, Kyle Naegeli drops a line through a hole in the manhole cover. Photo is a screen grab from the video

    Even his father was skeptical at first. Naegeli bet him he could catch a fish in the sewer. His father took the bet: $5.

    “I had always known there was water from having a ball or Frisbee accidently thrown in,” Naegeli told GrindTV Outdoor. “I rigged up a small hook and a worm, and on the first drop I had a small bluegill on. After I showed the fish to my dad he gave me the $5, and I knew that wasn’t the last sewer fish I was gonna catch.”

    As you can see in the video, Naegeli pulls the fish up to the manhole cover, then reaches into the opening from the street to grab the fish.


    “In the past four years I’ve caught hundreds of fish in the sewer with the biggest being a 3-pound bullhead. Only three bass have been caught because I’m using hotdogs and not live bait (which I will do sometime).”

    So, where do fish come from? The storm drain empties into a nearby pond and the fish swim up the sewer system, providing one very unusual fishing hole.
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    Probably not much different than the Mississippi River.
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    I used to catch and eat crawfish from a drainage ditch that ran through the back of my suburban neighborhood. With a dozen nets and some beef melt it didn't take but a few hours to catch a sack
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    Sewer Fish? I rather Storm Drain Fish.

    Years ago we would eat Fresh Water Shrimp out of the Mississippi River, the river is cleaner now than it was back then. Oh, the spot was just above Brusly.
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    One time when the river was high I set some trot lines along the bank. I caught quite a few but the first batch I fried tasted like they had been marinated in diesel fuel.
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    We use to ride motorcycles after the water would go down, every now and then a trot line would catch us. How long ago was the eating of fish? I've eaten them less than 10 years ago. We mostly waited till high water. Once caught a 5 gal bucked of Bar Pit Bass, fun times.
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    Was sometime in the 80s. I don't remember which year. River was high enough to be up to the levee a and I set the lines between some trees by a flooded bar pit. Was near the end of Gardere Lane. I did used to buy catfish fllets from a seafood market on Jefferson Hwy that got them from some guy who caught them in the river near a grain elevator. They were a lot better than the farm raised ones.
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