Short interview with Stro

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by ddt, Apr 5, 2004.

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    This one is about a half court alley he caught a few weeks ago. IMO, the guy has just scratched the surface of his game.

    When I saw him his Sophomore year hold his own against one of the best players in the country(Lester Earl), I knew he was going to be something special. I think he has been a real solid player with limited minutes. But when he does play at least 30 mins, he gets 18 pts, 10 boards and 2 blks or so. Hubie has got the Grizz 5th in the West this year, and Stro seems to be a key part in the system lately. I used to think he needed to go to another team via free agency so that he could get more minutes and get some recognition, but this year it seems that Memphis may be his home. If Jerry could somehow get Kobe and re-sign Stro I think they would be a force in the playoffs next year.

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