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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUDeek, Mar 28, 2006.

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    i attend nicholls.. (go colonels, or whatever they are....) and i wear LSU **** at least 3/5 days a week (mostly just a hat, but still...) Most people that go to NSU that are sports fans, root for LSU. Most that can care less about sports, root for the 'Big Red' :rofl: While I do support NSU athletics (2005 Southland Conference Football Champions, woo hoo!) LSU is, and has been, my favorite team (in any sport) since I was old enough to know what the words LSU meant. Seriously, I remember being like.. hell, 2 years old.. watching LSU and not knowing what the acronym meant... when I was about 5 I asked my dad if it meant "Louisiana State University" and he just smiled... I'll remember that forever... it was in a Mc Donalds drive though and they were serving some kind of LSU/St. Patricks day shake... :shock:

    But anyways... :geauxtige forever!!
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    I agree with everybody's comments about the whole LSU-ULL thing. It could possibly be a Lafayette-Baton Rouge thing. I think that all Louisiana faithful should pull for all Louisiana teams. I live in Texas and I get ribbed for wearing my LSU stuff in the land of Horns and Aggies. I just tell them to kiss my a**. I have and always will be a LSU fan regardless of what state I live in. By the way, I am also a graduate of ULL, and I hated every minute of it. I had a chance to get a football scholarship to LSU when Dinardo was the coach. They passed on me for someone you guys may remember, Trey Langley. Anyway, I have no hard feelings toward coach Dinardo or LSU. I am already trying to get tickets for next football season. For the season opener, I am thinking of wearing red hat with purple shirt, what do y'all think? Just to piss my dad and brother off (Dad, class of 83 USL)(brother, currently attending ULL) I think I am gonna be decked out in purple and gold. :lsup: LSU! :geauxtige
    :helmet: :eek:ldskule: :tigerhead Have a great weekend, guys and I hope to read your responses soon. GEAUX TIGERS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

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