Snapping Turtles

Discussion in 'Sportsman's Paradise' started by lsutiga, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Tig,.. I was watching your video and this was linked to it.

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    Why are you mercilessly killing and wasting these poor creatures.
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    They are way over-populated and a nussiance. Farmers complain about them damaging rice. This woman had me over to clean up her pond. Taking out 280 turtles out of a one acre pond means some fish are resting more than they're swimming. I'm actually thinking about doing it on a commercial level. It's getting to where so many people have ponds in the yard or next to their home. They function as two purposes. One is obvious, the other is dirt being 10 bucks a yard- they use the dirt to make the pad for their home.
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    Nonsense you murderer.
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    Finally got me a big boy. 42 lbs.

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    I was fishing the other day and caught one the size of a half-dollar. He tried to scoot his ass back to the bottom, but I scooped his ass up quicker than he could paddle his little feet. He's currently residing is a buddies pond. Kind of curious to see how big he gets.

    Congrats on the catch, good looking Snapper.
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    Went set 4 nets today. Same vacinity I caught that big boy. Went scout a place the land owner wants to set Sunday afternoon and MAN, it looks prime. I caught two more this week. One 6 lbs and one 8. Alilgator snappers that size don't furnish as much as the Common Snapping turtles so I'm going to release them in a restricted area so they grow up to be bigguns.
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    @lsutiga You are one turtle eatin sumbitch! Love it!

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