Snapping Turtles

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    Yes. I separate the skin from the shell first (while top/bottom is intact). I then pull the meat out and separate it from the skin with a knife. I love the skin but put it in the pot separately so the meat can be browned better.

    All that stuff you and Supa said about the eggs is amazing. I had a teacher telling me she used to find eggs where they lived too. As much as we were outside and in ditches I never found any turtle eggs.
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    best. thread. ever.
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    I agree. And I know nothing about snapping turtles but this thread gets me all jazzed up to go catch them.
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    Are you kidding me? Love it!
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    I'm enjoying this thread too. Never did the turtle hunt thing. Course, never gigged a frog either.

    Hey Tiga, next time you carve one up, take a few pics and give us a play by play on how to prepare. Thanks.
  6. lsutiga

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    I have a smaller one I need to clean so I'll do that for you. Maybe this afternoon. I'll post pics whenever I end up doing it.
  7. lsutiga

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    First thing I do is get some water heating up. As soon as I start the water to heat I shoot the turtle in the head. I try to place the shot towards the outer half to break the jaws for obvious reasons. Sons a betches are capable of “biting” for quite a while after. I guess it’s involuntary muscle movement but who cares- they can still clamp down.I tie the turtle up by the tail and bleed it out as much as possible.
    This is home boy hanging.


    (Refer to 2nd picture for next two paragraphs) After water starts to roll I dunk it in the water for about 5 seconds then I test it. If you can peel off that outer layer it’s good. I did a spot so you could see the difference. It’s similar to scolding a catfish but much easier. You can peel it off like sun burned skin.

    Then I run my knife around the shell everywhere there is skin attached. From there I skin it out as much as I can while it’s still attached. It’s easier that way. My dad had me to hold the meat while he skinned it but I don’ t have any boys. (Later you’ll see I actually left this one in tact so you could better understand what is done).


    (3rd picture)After that I use a hacksaw and cut the small part of the shell that attaches the bottom to the top. Then I run a sharp knife along the inside of the bottom shell to separate it. I lay the bottom part next to it so you could see.


    Then I separate the legs from the shell and cut it up in the joints. Easy to figure cause there are ball & socket joints. I will post a pic, later, of what you're left with after pulling the meat out of the shell.

    The neck is a white meat. I just cut it up. After all that I take some cutter pliers and cut each lil section on the underneath of the shell. tirk amazes me, he mentioned this meat being money and it is. Most people don’t fool with it but It’s the tenderloin- aka- backstrap. After cutting the sections, which are like cartilage and not hard to cut, I run a knife along the shell and roll out what I can with the tenderloin.

    Here is a picture of a shell before I cut it out and another one that it’s been cut out of earlier.
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    You need to start a blog. You would have a big following.... I will Prolly never eat turtle however I'm impressed . I think moat men on here now have you marked as their man crush.
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    You should come visit at Walkabout Creek. I'll lead you through the bush. You'll have to clear it through my manager, shane, of Never-Never Safaris.

    RHans, here's what you end up with out of the shell:


    Make sure you cut out the rectal plumbing


    (Upper left) Whole front leg. (Upper right) front leg cut up (Bottom middle) Neck. You can see the white meat on the neck.

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    So when are we having a tigerforums turtle cookout at tiga's house?

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