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    Give me a good steak seasoning, preferably home made that you can think of.

    I've got one that is the following;

    fresh ground black pepper
    1 tbsp salt
    1 tbsp ancho chile powder
    fresh cilantro
    fresh oregano
    5 cloves of garlic, roasted then chopped
    1/4 to a 1/2 cup of worcestershire sauce

    Mix all of that together and "marinate" steaks for a couple of hours.

    I'm looking for a dry rub next.
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    for steaks i marinate as follows (and you pick the portions because i don't measure):

    mix the following:

    lots of worcestreshire
    teaspoon maybe more dijon (or creole) mustard
    a little brown sugar (maybe tablespoon)
    emerils original (tablespoon maybe more)
    sometimes i'll add some salt & pepper (not too much because they're in the emerils).

    and that's it.....just let 'em marinate at least an hour (preferably more).

    for a dry rub, i've used this basic rub recipe and it's a good one:

    Basic Dry Rub


    8 parts light brown sugar, tightly packed
    3 parts kosher salt (i use sea salt or regular salt)
    1 part chili powder
    1 part ground black pepper
    1 part cayenne pepper
    1 part jalapeno seasoning (optional/ i leave it out if i don't have it)
    1 part Old Bay Seasoning (i substitute emerils original or bayou blast)
    1 part rubbed thyme (and i will add some basil too)
    1 part onion powder (and garlic powder too)
    Simply mix together. Use liberaly

    works for me.....hope this helps.....snort :D
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    here's some more for you......

    great site for marinades: all kinds

    and here is the big bad daddy of all rub recipe sites.....take your pick....or see the common ingredients and create your own magic (hey some of the greatest alchemist in the world are listed here..... :D )

    hope this helps.....snort

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