So apparently the band got mistreated by their

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    Correct. LSU puts the band wherever they want to put them within their ticket allotment. Naturally, they want their paying ticket holders to have better seats. I don't blame them at all. I do wish we would sit higher so that our fans could actually hear us better, but for a free trip and ticket I will sit wherever they want me to.... including the floor of the Super Dome :wave:

    As for the throwing/spitting, yeah they both happened. Grad's description was pretty much dead on as I was right in front of their student section when the LA State Trooper jumped over the fence.

    A couple students were spitting ice at us, and the Trooper told him to come talk to him, the student then proceeded to curse him out and flipped him off. That is what prompted him to go after the ass.

    The rest of the stadium was nothing different from being in any other SEC stadium. To a lot of people, taunting a band member is like taunting a football player they know can't knock the **** out of them.

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