Some Trojan's aren't bad

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUBlitz245, Mar 8, 2004.

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    I went on a little vacation a few weeks ago to Washington D.C. I was touring the sights until late at night and I said to myself " I'm just gunna take the Metro." So when I got there I figured out that I didn't have any change with me to get a little card for you to pass through and noticed that I didn't have ANY one dollar bills (the change machine only took one dollar bills). So I noticed one Japanese guy walking toward me(guess he saw me cussin and fussin). He asked me if I needed some change. I said "Yeah" and he said "Well, take some of my change" and gave me about "tree fiddy" and I told him thank you and got my little card to pass through a little gate and got to the Metro. When I got in, there he was, sitting by himself. So I said "Screw it." and sat by him. I told him thank you again and he got to telling me HE WAS A USC TROJAN! When I heard that I wanted to laugh. I then told him I was a Tiger. He said "Oh, really?" and I said "Yeah, too bad you didn't play us, I really wanted to see how bad we would woop ya'll @$$!" (I said it in a jokeing manner). We kinda started talking smack to each other for a few minutes. Later, we stopped because for one thing, my stop was coming up and for another, It looked like the guy's face was getting red, like he was about to cry or something. I told him that I was only jokeing about MOST of the things I said (I got the best of em'!) and told him thanks again and got off. When I was getting off though I thought I heard someone say "See ya later Tiger friend!" and the doors closed. Then I started to think about it and said "Damn!, I hope not all of the Trojans act like that! The guy sounded queer!." and walked back to my hotel.:dis: :shock:
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    funny story!!!
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    I get the idea that most of USC's bad feelings are aimed at OU. There are some real jerks that think we didn't deserve to be there, but then LSU has its share of jerks, too. I was in a forum shortly before the sugar bowl where they were badmouthing OU but, for the most part, they said we had earned our spot.
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    Having been a left coast denizen for 25 yrs., I can tell you fron attending many USC appearances here in the Bay Area that most of their fans are OK folks.

    They tend to be a little bit too much like Ken and Barbie (I prefer to call them Biff and Buffy), but generally the only crime that they are guilty of is blandness, and that fine Cali art of being blase about everything.
    (Why do you think Hollywood is here???)

    They cannot BEGIN to match the true PASSION that we have for ALL of our sports, most of all football.

    PAC10 = blase fans

    SEC = passionate fans

    I'd rather be married to the SEC !!!!

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