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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by EELSU1, Oct 19, 2002.

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    Addressing the question of leadership on the team, I would say the players who are respected as much as any on the team are Michael Clayton and Marcus Spears. And then to a lesser extent, Ben Wilkerson, and to a growing extent, Marquise Hill, Joseph Addai, and Andrew Whitworth.

    At the road games I've been to, Clayton and Spears have had the most people around them after the game. They are considered NFL-level players, and seem to be treated accordingly. The player asked for the most autographs has been Clayton. He is a tremendous talent. I'd say both of these players lead by example, and that the other players on the team respect their talent and then some.

    This sophomore class has the chance to be a part of some of the biggest successes in LSU history, and LSU's fortunes definitely changed big time when Saban landed the 2001 class.

    Speaking of Clayton and Spears, they are two humble yet very confident young men who are doing their all for the LSU football program. The two of them have hosted the big-name recruits LSU's had come in the past 2 years. Their dads are two of the nicest people you could possibly meet, as are their moms. Friendly, down-to-earth people who go to the games and who are tremendously happy and proud of their sons (as surely all the parents are). I don't know that I've seen a parent who smiles are much as Marcus Spears' Dad!

    Speaking of nice, humble, friendly guys (and non-sophomores) - Dominick Davis is just that too. Talk about a player who deserves everything that's coming his way. He's a quiet leader too. Stephen Peterman? Talk about one of the more animated guys on the team, it's him, and in a great way! He always has a big smile on his face, and he enjoys the fans as much as anyone. Corey Webster? I wish he'd been moved to cornerback one year sooner. He will certainly be in a leadership position too, as his level of play has increased big time. Marcus Randall, Matt Mauck, two more leaders. Bradie James - what else can be said about the Butkus Award semi-finalist? He's been the best player on the # 1 defense in the nation.

    As Tiger fans, we're tremendously fortunate to have so many first class players as we have on this team now. Team-first players who conduct themselves with class, and win with dignity.

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    Thats a direct reflection on Saban, I think. He has really gotten some great kids into the program.
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    I respect your post, but this is still a college team. If Clayton or anyone for that matter jumps ship for the NFL, it will not help LSU. All the players are doing well this year. Without a strong O-line (the ENTIRE O LINE), Clayton nor Davis does anything. Without a strong D, our offense will not be as good.

    We have first class players, and a first class coach; but football is still a team game. And the Tigers are playing their best "Team" ball since last year. Give me a Saban team effort any day, over the "superstar" system Dinardo almost ruined us with.

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