Sparano nearly costs Dolphins game again

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    With only 8:53 left in the game and up 30-19, this idiot of a head coach goes for 2 and they don't make it.

    No 2 point conversion chart in the world tells you to do that.

    So instead of 31-19 and the Jets forced to get 2 TDs to win, he now gives them a chance at a FG and 8 point TD to tie.

    Jets storm down the field and get a TD. They make the 2 pt conversion but a ref inexplicably calls an illegal shift (which it wasn't) and the Jets fail to get it after trying from the 7 yard line.

    Jets get the ball back and end up being forced to get a TD inside the 10 on 4th down.

    Had the refs not botched it up with the horrendous call, the Jets would have tied the game up at 30 and the game would have most likely gone into OT.

    This head coach is beyond dumb.

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