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    In this week's SI, there is a long and very interesting article about the career of Stanley Roberts entitled "His Own Worst Enemy." Part of the article focuses on Roberts's relationship with Shaq, and Roberts and Shaq reminisce about their times together at LSU. It is a very good read in case anyone picks up SI.

    Here are some interesting quotes relating to LSU:

    "The best times," Shaq says. "Because back then there was no money, no stress. Wake up, go to three classes, come back and take a nap, then go to practice. Wait a couple of hours and go out, to the frat parties, to the Tiger, to ports. That's the life."

    (Sports, for the Tigertown bar Sports Illustrated, was spelled with a small "s")

    About life at LSU, Shaq said, "Two young nobodies, but they treated us like kings."

    And, of course, Shaq had to throw in a Shaq-ism:

    Discussing Yao Ming, Shaq states:

    "And my man, he said my name three times," Shaq says, his voice rising. "Two in Chinese and one in American. You don't ever call me out. I'm from LSU."
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    Awesome. I can't wait to read it.
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    I noticed last week that you are in the MBA program at NW. I am thinking of applying to b-school in the next couple years as well. If you don't mind could you post your numbers/stats for me? If you prefer to send it privately my email address is [email protected]


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