Spring Practice Photos (plus notes of interest)

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    Interesting comments below: Hunter looks like a freak of nature and Tre White has been Moffitized.

    Hunter looking like the 2nd coming of The Freak (the original), Javon Kearse.

    More Cliff Notes:
    1) Ex Penn State QB Bolden moved to WR (no shocker there)
    2) Beckwith worked out with the LBs
    3) Marquedius Bain looks impressive physically at DT
    4) Avery Johnson has added muscle to his frame
    5) John Diarse someone to watch for as breakout player
    6) Jennings and Harris are battling for the starting QB position
    7) Kwon Alexander took the #4 Jersey
    8) Q. Leslie needs to add muscle to his frame
    9) Ed Paris working out at corner for now
    10) Quinton Thomas running with first team at DT
    11) Robinson with the 2s at CB due to some "academic issues" (Jalen Mills taking his place with the starters)
    12) Rickey Jefferson pushing for starting safety spot (dude looks thick)
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    I'd say our offense and LSUs future are in great hands w/CCC.
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    He's part of a complex mathematical equation. Trust me.
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    NCAA allows 15 practices, that's it, this is the reason Cam has them moving fast. It's what he can get into a session. You will see more of Cams footprint in this years offense. Last year it was easier for Cam to learn the offense that Mett knew an tweak from there. Cam has had a year to study the defenses he's going against, a little easier the second time around.
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    They need to put in his contract that he has first choice for the Head Coach job when Miles retires.
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    Sadly, Cameron will have other opportunities before Les is ready to retire. Perhaps as soon as next year.
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    Has had them this year, last and before he got here. He will always have offers. Thats coaching.
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