Spring Practice Report...Day 1

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    Saban Puts Tigers Through First Spring Workout

    BATON ROUGE -- The LSU football team went through its first practice since claiming the national title in January with a two-hour session at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

    Saturday's workout, the first of what will be 15 practices for the Tigers this spring, had the squad in shorts and helmets. The practice focused on everything from individual drills, to team situations as well as working on different phases of special teams.

    “I was really pleased out there at practice," LSU coach Nick Saban said. "There was a lot of carry over at a lot of positions, not only in knowledge and experience, but how we like to go about it.

    They young guys are going to learn from their experience today. That is how the young players get better, that’s how they mature, and that is how they gain the knowledge and experience to go out and execute with confidence when we play a game.

    "We have to reestablish the intangibles and the chemistry on our team. Simple things like discipline, toughness, giving effort, and being responsible to do your job. Just simple things like having individual responsibility to knowing what your role is. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and why it is important to do it that way. Those kinds of things are the things that you have to start all over and reestablish, and not assume that your team has. I was pleased with the way the older guys retained it, the example they set, and the attitude they had."

    The Tigers will practice again on Monday, followed by a trip to Washington D.C. and the White House on Tuesday. LSU will practice in full pads for the first time on Wednesday with the first scrimmage of the spring slated for next Saturday.

    The LSU Spring Game is set for 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 24 in Tiger Stadium.
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