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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by roygu, Sep 8, 2002.

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    I have the opinon that coaches are too reluctant to move starters out of the lineup and replace them with more productive players. Last year both LeJeune and Gay were sitting the bench before injuries to the starters demanded that they play . Before the season was over they were two of the most productive players on the team. In fact LeJeune has been productive no matter which position he played. He was one of the better linebackers on the team when Dinardo was HC. I suspect that if he were moved to linebacker, taking Brady James old position, we would have a better defense. I have very seldom seen LeJeune miss a tackle. He did miss Jones in the VT game but when Jones reversed his field and headed down the left sideline, LeJeune raced accross the field and helped on the tackle on about the ten yard line.
    Gay, IMO, has been the most consisten DB since he was inserted into the lineup.
    How Hookfin continues to start is almost as baffling as the eight dropped passes in the VT game. This guy is beaten on almost every pass thrown in his direction. He either lets the man blow buy him or curl under and make the pass accross the middle. Last year, fans made excuses that it was Clark or the DL making him look bad. Well Clark is gone, we have a new DL, and he still looks the same to me. Interesting question, why do opposing OCs always pick on Hookfin?
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    Always attack the enemy where he is weak.

    Fundamental principle of war that even I know: attack the enemy at his weak point.

    If any particular DB is challenged more than others by an enemy OC, we may assume that the enemy is attacking at what is perceived as our weak point.

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