State of LSU and Randall!!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by EliteLSU1, Oct 26, 2002.

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    This is my first time posting on this board. I come here everyday to see what is said about LSU and Opponents. First, I think that everyone should give AU their well deserved props. They really came out and put it on us. Congrats and good luck the rest of the season Auburn and your fans. TT coached a very respectable game and showed class in the final seconds.
    As far as Randall, everyone needs to understand that this is only his second start. He was second string and will need time to grow. It took us 5 weeks for Mauck to seem like he understood his role and gain the respect that is needed. I do agree that LSU'S future is quarterbacking in High school right now. I think that the coaching staff is doing a great job with the hand that has been dealt them. We all know that Jimbo would much rather have a drop back passer. I hope that it doesn't take Randal 5 weeks like it did Mauck.
    I think that LSU is in great hands and the program is way ahead of what Saban was expecting. We will get a NC but it may take a few years to let a new Quarterback get some experience.
    The only thing that I would like to see us do differently is when we send in a quarterback that he would continue to run the offense. Not just hand the ball off, but actually run the same offense he would be asked to run in case of an injury. Say what you want but I agree with Steve Spurrier late in the game still throwing the ball. He did this just in case this kid sitting the bench had to run the offense. Just handing the ball off cannot possibly show a kid how fast the game is really played. I only agree with SS when he threw late in the game with a backup QB. Even if the rest of the starters are in the game because in tough times that is who he will be playing with.
    Sorry it is so long!!!
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    I read some supposedly insiders posts, prior to Randalls start last week, that he tended to pull the ball down and run, too quickly. Last week, as I commented during the past week, Randall seemed to have good pocket presence. Today it seems he reverted back to his prior habits. He never stepped up in the pocket and passed. He seemed to always be off balance and with nothing on the ball. Maybe he was overly excited because of the hostile crowd. He also seemd to have trouble gripping the ball. Aside from poor decisions, throwing the ball to areas where there was no receiver, the passes seemed to float and wobble. The quarterback, whoever it is, has to play better than his performance today or we probably will not win another game this year.
    Guess the KY game will tell the tale. Kentucky gave Ga all they could handle today, until the half. They should have had two more touchdowns. Lorenzen missed two wide open receivers that would have scored on two separte drives. If we continue to turn the ball over, giving Kentucky momentum, the outcome will be the same as todays game.
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    Honestly, I knew we had a green QB and that he was going to make mistakes and lose some games. I also thought that the defense missed the loss of two starters and was shaken by the Damien James thing. I expected some drop-off.

    But what happened to the offensive line? They have been strong all year, but they absolutely got their butts kicked yesterday. It was humiliating the way they opened no holes for the RB's and let the QB get pressured the whole game.

    What's the story here? Youth, unreported injuries, what?
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    Welcome to the board, EliteLSU1!

    Lurking is OK, but it is better to participate.
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    Good points Elite...

    I guess it'll be good to rest up during the bye and give Randall some good practice time. I still think Randall should be the starter right now but we need to get Clausen or Harrison ready to play if he struggles early at Kentucky. The SEC is tough. We are still in a good position to win the west but I'd rather do it with a win over Bama. If Bama beats us and wins the west (but can't go to the championship game), it just wouldn't feel quite right going as a replacement. I guess we just need to take them one game at a time. Seems like I've heard that before somewhere.
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    Looks like lots of PB&J at the training table for the next two weeks.

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