States fighting to execute the 17 year old nicknamed "Sniper"

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Mr. Wonderful, Oct 28, 2002.

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    It appears the states of Virginia, Maryland and Alabama (curiously enough all 3 with Democratic executives--unsure of the AG's party affiliation?) are getting a fight brewing over who will get their hands on the 17 year old nicknamed "Sniper" by Mr. Allen (NOT Muhammad damnit!). While Maryland scrambles to remove their "moratorium" on taking out trash, Virginia and Alabama are eager to execute. How curious that this development would come just weeks after the 4 clowns on the Supreme Court argued that based on their cocktail parties, discussions with left-wing law professors and dense law clerks (what passes as "prevailing societal morals" for the "Clowns") that American "society" was against executing 17 year olds who commit premediated and heinous murder. Perhaps Justice's Souter, Ginsburg, Senile and Breyer would like to adopt this young 17 year old?
    Also, I understand the mother of "Sniper", an illegal Jamaican, was in Florida sometime around the years 99-00. Has anyone been able to pinpoint exactly when she was in South Florida and whether her vote was counted in the 2000 Presidential election?

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