Steve Ballmer Bids $1.6 Billion for Clippers

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by Bengal B, May 29, 2014.

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    Donald Sterling had racist thoughts while paying the players and the coach millions of dollars....they benefited from that, no?

    Anywho, he has been declared mentally incompetent and had his franchise sold without his consent due to an illegally taped conversation with a whore.
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    man, you're really hell bent on defending this piece of shit, huh?
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    Not at all. I have already agreed he is scum. He's always been that way. The Clippers and Coach Rivers knew it when they signed a contract to play for him and they cashed all their paychecks. Why get all pissy now?

    What I am defending is a citizen's right to private thoughts and the unfair forced selling of their business as a result of an illegally obtained tape. His right to privacy, and therefore my rights to privacy, to me, is more important than what he said. Which again, was relatively mild compared to what has probably been uttered about Sterling over the years.
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    he signed to a constitution and a set of by laws that of the NBA, other franchises have covenants, you argument is invalid. You are essentially defending him. His right to privacy my ass.
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    You know we disagree on many a political issue and while I agree that right to privacy is important I sort of think it is invalid here. If nothing else, I mean at the very bottom of it all he at least guilty of being stupid. Why these celebs, rich and famous types haven't yet realized that they have NO privacy, anything they do or say will be on a tape or film is beyond me. I really have no room for sympathy for stupid.
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    Yes he signed a contract. There is however, a Constitution and California laws that rank higher IMO than what he agreed to.

    I am not defending him at all. Tell me again how it is that the players and manager were okay with his racist tendencies when they signed THEIR contract? Was his money okay at that time?

    There isn't a person on here who could keep their job if their private conversations were made public.
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    Stupid, old, mentally incompetent....he could be all of them. He wouldn't be the first old man (or woman) to make stupid decisions about their money or personal life. Anyone here have an elderly parent who has been scammed over the phone or on the internet? And I'm sorry but being a celebrity doesn't mean you should give up ALL your privacy. They should have rights to privacy within their homes and among personal acquaintances. He wasn't in a party room in Vegas taking and sending selfies. He was being recorded without his knowledge. Why would he expect to be recorded by a woman who was doing him for money and gifts and who he "thought" was in love with him?

    There have been civil rights leaders guilty of racial utterances...politicians, athletes, actors etc when they thought a mic was "off." How many of them were forced to sell their homes or businesses? I'm all for punishment, banning him from games and management, etc. The forced sale is what I have a problem with.

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