Sucks to be Tulane.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by PodKATT, Jul 27, 2009.

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    LSU-North Carolina agree to play in 2010 Chick-fil-A Kickoff | Mr. College Football

    The Sept 4th weekend was going to be a road opener at the dome with wave. Add that to our WVU game later in the season and we have one knock-out of an OCC schedule next year.
  2. StadiumSalute

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    If Tulane had a better team they wouldn't get bumped for North Carolina. :wave:

    Maybe the Tiger Rag would also mean something if Tulane had a decent team.
  3. BrettStah

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    While I like the idea of having OOC opponents from around the country, I don't like the idea of canceling the Tulane game to make room for North Carolina. So hopefully the Tulane game can be re-scheduled to another weekend. Does anyone know what the terms of the contract are (i.e., how much will the buyout be if LSU does cancel)?

    First, LSU did agree to a 10 year home-and-home deal with Tulane, and Tulane has already agreed to move a game or two scheduled for the Dome to Tiger Stadium at the request of LSU. Second, LSU vs. Tulane goes back a LONG time... I was disappointed when LSU and Tulane stopped playing each year, and happy when this 10 year deal was signed. Sure, it hasn't been very competitive in terms of wins and losses lately, but Coach Toledo seems to be getting Tulane turned around - last season's 2-10 season was mainly due to some bad luck, bad injuries, and bad special teams. They could have beaten Bama (lost 20-6 but it was closer than that final score), should have beaten ECU, and then the wheels came off their season as their injuries mounted and awful special teams led to losses - lack of depth was very obvious as their first stringers went down.
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  4. stevescookin

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    I don't believe that LSU should "lend" relevancy to Tulane by playing them...especially after the ticket pricing extortion scam this past season in baseball. That was real chicken Sh@t stuff right there!!!
  5. BrettStah

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    Well, LSU agreed to a 10 year home-and-home deal - next time you see Skip, tell him you don't like the deal he agreed to. :)

    BAY0U BENGAL I'm a Chinese Bandit

    tI thought this thread was just a generalization about Tulane. carry on
  7. LaSalleAve

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    thats what i was going to say, i thought it sucked to be Tulane anyway.
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  8. ok awesome

    ok awesome geaux

    Keeps lots of $$$$$$$$ in Louisiana as opposed to Georgia.
  9. LSUtiger327

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    LSU is kinda like america to the rest of the Louisiana world.

    your 3rd world a$$ has got problems, we step in and bail you out.
  10. TwistedTiger

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    I don't like canceling games to schedule other teams, but it is a sign of the times. That being said, LSU vs Tulane died years ago and should never been dug up again. Especially for a home and away series against a team as lame as Toolame.:eek:

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