Sumlin to Texas A&M

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  1. Tiger_fan

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    fun fact: Sumlin was WR coach for Drew Brees throughout Brees' record-shattering career at Purdue. he was also Sam Bradford's OC at Okie U
  2. islstl

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    If he succumbed to the pressure of a Conference USA title game to try and keep his team undefeated, he is going to be way in over his head in the SEC.

    He will be fired after just 3 seasons.
  3. Zackardo

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    This sounds suspiciously like the Aggies weren't able to get who they thought they had the pull to get, and had to settle.

  4. Tiger_fan

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    Aggie fans all agree with this. they should have at least got Charlie Strong IMO...guy had back to back top 20 defenses at Louisville since he's been there
  5. Rwilliams

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    You better be able to run the ball in the sec. If you can't run the ball you can't be successful. I don't believe he will try and set up a spread passing offense without at least an attempt to have a running game. Balance is very important.
    I would imagine his offense would resemble ou's offense in style.
  6. shane0911

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    I wouldn't have taken that job. You lose your QB, your RB, and your best WR oh and by the way, you are in the SEC now.

    No thanks.
  7. pharpe

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    Houston beat SMU 37-7. You are thinking of USM.
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  9. Mike in Memphis

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    Beat them pretty good too, if I recall.
    In the fourth quarter the Houston Coach (new aTm coach) had that "deer in the headlights" look. Not good for the future of aTm in the SEC.

  10. ASD


    I'll admit, his teams are going to take their lumps at first due to attrition at a really bad time but I'm not sure I'm ready to label him 3 and out or a bust yet. I like his defensive background as a player and really its about getting a quality D coordinator. I'm not sure how much pull he has with recruits or how popular he is with Texas high school coaches but he has obviously been coaching at a high level for a while now. If the school commits to get through a rough couple years and he can win a few big games along the way he may be successful. How successful? Not win the SEC or the division successful but they can be an arky.
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