Tack and Brady arguing on the bench and what to look for next year

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by BasileTiger, Mar 18, 2004.

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    Did you guys see when John Brady took Tack Minor out of the game for that turnover. The TV cameras were on the Tiger bench when Tack was yelling at Brady. Brady was also yelling at tack and Butch Pierre was like telling them to stop.

    Terrible, Terrible.

    Tack is a guard who will turn the ball over. You have to let him play through that.

    Our other point guard, Xavier Whipple is just not a Division I basketball player.

    Me and a buddy of mine, were talking this morning. Felt sorry for Brandon Bass out there. He was playing his heart out, but just getting double and triple teamed.

    Antonio Hudson looked good the few times he drove hard to the basket.

    Ross Neltner looked way to tenative in there and couldn't get a rebound.

    Darrell Mitchell was inconsistent, but I can handle that. I think Mitchell is a good player at LSU.

    Darnell Lazarre played hard, but just needs to put on a little weight.

    With all that said, I think Brady deserves one more year. With "Big Baby" coming in it will give Brandon Bass some much needed help.

    Don't know if Garrett Temple will get much playing time. And I don't know if the two JUCO guys are even coming.

    With that said let's see what happens next year.
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    This is a perfect example of a coach who has lost the respect of his players and has no control over his team. Do you ever see players yelling at Bob Knight? Bob Huggins? Coach K? Tubby in Kebtucky? Rick Barnes at Texas? Lute Olsen?

    It is time for a change. What I saw last night was a nightmare of epic proportions. OU gave us every chance in the world to get back into that game, and we were out there playing playground basketball...no set plays, running around all wild and throwing prayers at the basket.

    This is not a well coached team...........
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    Basile you hit the nail. Hudson showed if there was some coordination on this team that he can be just as good as we hoped he would. The guy is lethal driving around the basket. Unfortunately there is not team concept as to what to do with the ball once the trees collapse on him. The same with Mitchell. If there was some kind of screen set for Mitchell, once the ball goes inside and Bass is double teamed, Mitchell could be shooting threes all day.
    I hate that deer in the head light look Whipple has every time he receives the ball when he is wide open for a shot.
    I wish a reporter would ask Brady, which is worse letting the shot clock run down or Minor commiting a turnover? I'll take the turnonver at least Minor is trying to make a play.

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