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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by ChuckE, Jan 24, 2004.

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    Oct 17, 2002
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    As some of you know I live in Iowa. I lived in Sulphur-Lake Charles area for 14 years prior to being transferred. The SI magazine featuring LSU is not available at newsstands here in Iowa.

    I emailed a couple of friends and they checked many places in the Lake Charles area and each place was sold out. I had given up and was about to order the subscription that I didn't want, except for the edition covering LSU.

    I was about to go up stairs mid morning today to order the subscription, when I heard the mail being dropped. In the mail was a large brown envelope from dear friends in Moss Bluff, LA (North Lake Charles) that I have not talked to since April other than email.

    They have a very successful business and I thought they were sending me another article about the business. I opened and "OH MY GOD" there is the SI magazine. Folks I was so excited my eyes started to water. I never thought to ask them to locate the magazine for me.

    Earlier tonight I received an email from them. They are McNeese State fans and like the tigers too. They said they were in Vegas during the Sugar Bowl game. They also said the folks in the hotel was all OU; they were the only LSU fans around. Johnny said he knows they were the only happy fans there.

    Here is what they said that was so special to me. “Chuck we hope you enjoy the SI magazine. We can't think of the LSU Tigers without thinking of you”. Geaux Tigers!

    This is Louisiana life at it's best! I'm so blessed with these friendships. Money can't buy friendships like this. God I love Louisiana and the people! I'm sorry if I bored any of you!
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    Glad you posted...It reminds me that I need to send my uncle (LSU grad ) and aunt in Atlanta a copy. I think they would like it.
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    Living in Phoenix I had not been able to find it either. However, as I am flying out of Dallas Love on Thursday, there is good ole Matt Mauck on the special edition. The funny thing is that the USC one was nowhere to be found.
    I also have to say that living in Phoenix it is usually Pac-10 country. However, the LSU tiger SI commercial runs around 3-1 over the USC commercial. It really does not make a difference, I just find it amusing.

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