Thanks to the Tigers, Lady Tigers, Tiger Band, and Tiger Fans for LSU WEEK in Dallas

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    It was great to be a Tiger fan living in Big D the last few days. My daughters have become so brainwashed that the 21 month old runs around the house yelling: "eh eh shoe !!". "Hey Fighting Tiger " is more popular than any other song in our kids' CD collection. I can only imagine how crazy things would be had the Tigers won the game.

    The whole family went to Fair Park for the parade/pep rally where THOUSANDS of Tiger Faithful showed up in Purple and Gold to make noise, throw beads, and show Texas how things are done. The Band was great. Across the way the poor Longhorn band played for a crowd of roughly 23 before saying: "The heck with this !!" and left while while the Golden Band from Tiger Land ROCKED the Esplanade with several thousand well wishers for quite a while longer.

    (Note to Cotton Bowl committee: Don't schedule simultaneous pep rallies when LSU is involved, lest another Texas school be embarrassed in it's own home state. And give us a better location next time ! Most of the Tiger fans couldn't even see the band or the Golden Girls perform.)

    Golden Girls !! Laura Lynn is a little shorter than I had imagined, but whatta hot babe !!! hubba hubba !!!!

    The Game rocked !!! We were at least even with the Horns in attendance and louder (of course).

    Topped it off by taking the older daughter to Denton to see the Lady Tigers polish off N. Texas !! Good Tiger crowd pretty much made it a home game for Sue's girls !!!

    Whatta week !!!!!

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