That Scott Rabalais is too damn funny ... great article today

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by ramah, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    OK, let's all get our 8-ball out ... I know you bastids got em' :hihi:

    Hey, Rabalais ... one more question ...

    About the Auburn game ... will LSU stomp a mudhole in AU & Tubby again?

    I shook my 8-ball so violently ... imagining I had my hands round Tubby's chicken neck ... I thought it would explode with so many little bubbles trying to get out ... I let it sit on the table for a few minutes until my curiousity got the better of me ... then I looked ... :hihi:

    The answer: :eek: ~Y~E~S~ :eek:

    Now you guys know how I predict the game scores so closely :wink:
  2. HittinZX2

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    Apr 23, 2004
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    That was a pretty good article...very creative. I was hoping that the 8-ball would have had some better answers on the qb situation. Oh well....
  3. islstl

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    Nov 25, 2003
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    Well ramah, I agree your predictions for them last 3 games was pretty damn close.

    If you think about it, the Arkansas game could easily have been 62-24, had Saban not called off the dogs.

    Then the GA game should have been 41-13 as LSU missed a FG and had a TD called back for some unknown reason and we had to settle for a FG.

    The OU game should have been 24-0. We missed what should have been an easy FG which turned into a mysterious 25 yards of penalties and a much longer try. And of course we pretty much handed OU 14 points. It definitely should have been a shutout.

    So Cudos to you on your prognosticating.
  4. ramah

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    Nahhhhhhhhhh ...

    kudos to my 8-ball ... try it ... really works ... article below 8-ball

    A Magic 8-ball is a toy used for fortune telling Divination is the practice of ascertaining information by supernatural means. If a distinction is to be made with fortune-telling, divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context; while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes. Divination is often dismissed by skeptics as being mere superstition. However, advocates say there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of divination. Divination is a universal cultural phenomenon which anthropologists have observed as being present in virtually all religions and cultures in all ages up to the present day.
    ..... Click the link for more information. . It is in the form of an oversized billiards Billiards is a game consisting of billiard balls, cues, and a particular table (usually slate covered in felt, twice as long as it is wide - e.g. 4'X8', 4.5'X9', 5'X10'. There are numerous games that have different goals of winning (e.g. making a certain number of balls, or a certain ball). Games are played by hitting a "cue ball" into an object ball with the cue stick. The name derives from the correlation of the number of numbered balls in a standard billiard set and the number of zeroes in the number one billiard (fifteen).
    ..... Click the link for more information. 8-ball. It contains a sort of die with 20 triangular faces. This die floats in some blue liquid. It can be viewed through a window in the 8-ball.
    The way to do fortune-telling with the ball is as follows: Hold the ball with the window down. Ask a yes-no question, then turn the ball so that the window faces up. In the window, one face of the die will be visible. It will show a response to your question.

    The 20 standard answers on a Magic 8-Ball are:

    Signs point to yes.
    Reply hazy, try again.
    Without a doubt.
    My sources say no.
    As I see it, yes.
    You may rely on it.
    Concentrate and ask again.
    Outlook not so good.
    It is decidedly so.
    Better not tell you now.
    Very doubtful.
    Yes - definitely.
    It is certain.
    Cannot predict now.
    Most likely.
    Ask again later.
    My reply is no.
    Outlook good.
    Don't count on it.

    OK ... here goes ... Magic 8-Ball ... will LSU cover the spread (17 points) against Oregon State?

    I asked three times :lol:

    1. It is decidely so.
    2. Signs point to yes.
    3. It is decidely so.

    This crap gives me the creeps sometimes ... bet your house on LSU

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