The Addai Hop

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by bayareatiger, Oct 10, 2004.

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    After TIVOing the Addai catch for the winning TD, I was fascinated by something - AFTER the Florida DB hit him, it looks like he is going down short of the goal. In fact, Ron Franklin didn't even call TD at that point - Mike Gottifried had to call TD after the fact...

    The AMAZING thing to me on this game winning play was that Addai had the presence of mind to put his feet down and 'hop' into the end zone. I believe that in most cases, after a ball carrier is hit in mid-air (as Addai was trying to dive into the end zone) that they will usually just go down at that point.

    Addai is the man for keeping his head (and feet!!!!) in the game...

    WHAT A GREAT PLAY! :thumb: :thumb:
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    Not to steal thunder from JA but AB did the same sort of thing on a carry that got LSU a first down. He actually was stopped then realized nobody had wrapped up his feet and then moved the pile for the first down. In my opinion 2 guys that have played with the Nick Saban stamp have been Joe Addai and Alley Broussard. Not that other guys haven't played maybe better at times or contributed bigger plays but these two have given 100%, played tough and never complained or did anything to cost us a victory.

    :tigerhead :tigerhead for these guys.
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    Addai has no quit in his blood and he has been that way from day 1 - in the UGA game he was running like it was a tie game for 60 minutes. My favorite player on the team...

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