The BCS doesn't always give us a clear national champ

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    Long article - but thought provoking -

    "This year's BCS pairings are controversial, as usual. This year, it seems every single BCS choice has been denounced, which is quite an achievement. Once again, the core complaint is that the football-factory premier bowls might not produce a clear national champion and that they don't even necessarily include the best teams. Here is the key thing to consider about the BCS: the system is not designed to choose a final victor! The BCS is designed to maximize revenue and exposure for the major conferences. And the BCS does that very well, thank you.It starts with the name. The organization is called the Bowl Championship Series, not the Football Championship Series. The winner of the Ohio State-LSU game will be the champion of the BCS, an artificial five-game theatrical event. Names matter, and based on its name, the BCS does not even pretend to be about choosing college football's best team. The BCS asserts that it is choosing the best possible set of five bowl games -- and usually achieves that goal."
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    Well the national championship game has nothing to do with how much revenue it will pull in. That's decided by a group of coaches and other voters (Harris) plus a computer polling system.

    The other 4 BCS bowls have ALL to do with what makes the most money and is a complete sham (see Mizzouri, Kansas, Illinois).

    If you would simply make the rule that says you must choose only from the handful of teams that are highest in the final BCS standings (i.e., #5 Georgia, #6 Mizzouri) plus the quirky mid-major top 12 BCS rule allowing a Hawaii to sneak in, then that's your choices folks.

    Not # 13 Illinois. That's a disgrace.

    And I don't like the max 2 per BCS conference rule. Screw it, the SEC is the best and should always be allowed to bring 3 teams to the dance.
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    Very interesting article. Makes me think the only chance we have of any kind of playoff system is a +1 game.
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    I knew the article came from ESPN ....

    At the end of the day, the only way we'll ever get to a playoff is if the 6 major conferences and the 4 major bowls get together and decide how it can be done.

    I don't think the conferences really care, as long as they get their BCS money........

    I guess Notre Dame, or USC or one of those type programs is really gonna have to get shafted (see Auburn '04) out of a title shot before they change the system.

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