"The Braggin Rights Bowl "

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by msully, Dec 22, 2013.

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    I do not think it will be a low scoring game .My bet is 60+ points in the game .I look for LSU to have a Texas A&M type of a game .LSU 42 Iowa 21
    One thing in our favor , no one ESPN or us as LSU fans really know what Anthony Jennings (AJ) will do. If he gets protection he may make Tim Tebow look like a bench warmer .If not he will be more like JJ fun to watch but can't win the big games .I am looking for AJ to lead LSU to a 12 win season starting with the outback bowl.In my mind winning the SEC Championship is the most important thing a team can do. It is just gravy on the rice to win the Nationasl Championship. Yes I like gravey on my rice , but , "The Braggin Rights Bowl" is so much more important , I get to look at my "SEC Family " with just a bit of a smile .
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  2. LaSalleAve

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    LSU 24 Iowa 23

    Tigers win with a late Colby D FG.
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    We still have OBJ/Landry/Dural, Hill/Magee/Hilliard/Blue, and now a QB with legs coupled with a big Mett'esque arm... plus Chavis has a month to get this defense back to aTm game form. LSU wins this game 38-13.
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    Poetic justice...

    Tigers win 30-25 on a last second desperation pass from Jennings to OBJ for a touchdown.
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    As you probably know, we also recruited Jennings quite hard and offered him a scholly. He's elusive, good arm, trows a softer, less tight spiral, and may lack Mett's precision. That said, our weakness is in our corners and safeties... I expect us to slow the game, pass more than expected, but short control passes... If we can slow your great receivers, we have a chance.... I see the score more in the 27-19 range... It'll only get "nasty" if we keep finding ways to help you along....
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