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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tigernut4, Sep 1, 2002.

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    Attn: This is a 12 year old post.

    1) is Ben Wilkerson an animal or what, playing qb on one leg is one thing but offensive line? un frickin beliveable

    2) Mauck does not have it to be a qb in the sec period, props to mauck on his toughness, How many times did he get hit?

    3) sit rodney reeds @$$ on the bench end of story.

    4) defense played really well today, give them credit, if this is the defense of last year 41-8 is the score instead

    5) give Marcus Randall a shot to start, i have a good feeling about him

    6) i got really pissed when the anouncer said VT won decisivley today, i give them credit for playing a good game, but decisivley?????

    7) give Robert Lane the playbook now so he can start learning the offense for next year as next years starter

    8) joseph addai's effort on the 8 yrd run i think? what the fuck happened to toe and dd today???

    9) worst gameplan ever, why werent we going over the middle instead of those stupid outs and shitty swing passes

    10) we still have a shot to win the west, if we are gonna hav our terrible game now good so we can get it over with. 9-3 8-4 is now an expectation of mine

    Game MVP's for LSU
    offense- Ben Wilkerson WHAT A WARRIOR!
    defense- entire defense except Hookfin they deserve most of the credit for not leting this game get to a blow out
    Coaching flunks its first test of the year maybe saban can rally the troops like he did last year
    i feel sorry for the Citadel LSU is gonna take out all ther anger on them:D
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  2. DC-Tiger

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    While the defense played well against the run it still remains to be seen how they will play against a passing attack. Also, our offense looks much inferior to last year, Mauck is not going to take us to any national titles. Hopefully Randall will get to play in the next game.

    However the worst player on the offense had to be Rodney Reed, could not get a block on the Tech DE. Coach Saban also got out coached and at this rate we are in for a long season.
  3. RockyMtTiger

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    Too early to pass judgment on Mauck, but I agree that Randall should get a chance to play. He certainly will, if the Citadel game is the blow-out we all expect. I think the whole team played as if they weren't ready, which is really hard to believe. A huge disappointment, but perhaps it will be the slap to the face that they need to get serious about this season.
  4. DeafValleyBatnR

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    Jan 11, 2002
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    Randall Could not go in at Tech

    Randall is healing and to put him in against that defense would have been crazy looks like he is going to play but we did not need for him to get him hurt in that game with nothing working anyway

  5. Perple

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    m. randall was the 2002 version of 2014 b. harris

    give robert lane the playbook? no chance he'd end up at ole missy. ;)

    kinda fun reading the old threads. people used to post about the actual team & players making or missing plays, rather than just coach talk.
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    Swell, another stooge who longs for the language of the past. Dames don't think it's the cat's meow. The big cheese is the coach. The player is not the fall guy. You're all wet if you believe that. See.
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    Way to give him the business Beaver
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    12 year olds are funny. Hope his parents don't see his post, he might get his mouth washed out with soap.

    Marcus Randall, LOL!
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    Read it again. There is talk about coaches in at least 2 of the the 4 posts in that thread. What a lame ass way to go about saying something THEN being wrong on top of that. Not to metion YOUR post is complaining, essentially.

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  10. LSU Engineer

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Hookfin used to piss me off. He would be in position but would never turn his head to look at the ball.
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