The Lost Cause- John Lucas quits on Jamarcus Russell

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    Life coach John Lucas gives up on JaMarcus Russell - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

    After the Oakland Raiders cut their losses and released Jamarcus Russell, I thought that it was a bit too early to call him the biggest NFL draft pick bust ever at that point because his career was not yet over and another team might pick him up. Other high profile NFL draft busts were given multiple shots; even Ryan Leaf, who was considered to be the biggest NFL draft bust before Russell, was given two other shots after the Chargers booted him.

    But, when John Lucas, who has dedicated his life to helping troubled athletes turn their lives around, gives up on you then you know its the end of the road for Jamarcus Russell.

    From the Yahoo article:
    Now, that hope of another NFL chance is effectively over, I'm morbidly curious where he goes from here.

    The way I see it, he's got two options:

    1) The Akili Smith option, which is the best he can hope for at this point. Akili Smith was another high profile NFL bust who struggled because of his lack of preparation and who struggled with substance abuse. But, Smith turned his life around and last year was an assistant on Cal under Tedford, his former OC. Maybe, we'll be seeing JR again at LSU as an assistant?

    A decade of hindsight guides former NFL QB Akili Smith -

    But, JR seemed to me like a guy who didn't really love to play football and was only pushed into it because he was so physically strong and talented.
    Akili Smith had his problems, but it did seem he really wanted to play. After the NFL debacle, Smith still hung around and played for peanuts in NFL Europe and CFL whereas JR has vowed he will not play in the CFL or play another position.

    2) With all the money problems JR is already experiencing with his Oakland mansion in foreclosure, I see JR's more likely future is as another Barry Badrinath- a college athlete who peaked in college and has since fallen prey to hard, stiff times..
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