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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by uscvball, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. uscvball

    uscvball Veteran Member

    Outside of the actual situation, what does everyone think about whether or not the officer in the situation should be publicly identified?

    At this point, I can't recall whether prior incidents of a similar nature resulted in the cop being named. Private citizens usually get named. Clearly this officer would be in physical danger but what is the public's right to know?
  2. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    I think they should release his name. Otherwise, you leave it to hearsay, which, from what I understand, nearly got the wrong dude's house torched the other night.

    And how could there ever be a trial without releasing his name? Doesn't seem possible.
  3. uscvball

    uscvball Veteran Member

    Clearly his name will be released at some point. I was referring to the immediate time frame with all the rioting going on.

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    only if he is formally charged, thats when you release his name. But they have to be more transparent in the investigation.
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  5. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    Well, I think at this point that they should. What good does it do them to withhold it? Releasing his name might go a long way towards appeasing the unrest. As it is now, it just seems like yet another "fuck you" to the citizens, being all secretive and whatnot.
  6. uscvball

    uscvball Veteran Member

    Agreed on both. They are taking too long to really address things and the wound continues to fester.
  7. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Police officers are public officials. The public should have that right to know but if it puts the officer's family in danger I don't see any harm in withholding the info for a short time.

    I see that Brown's family has already retained Benjamin Crump, the attorney who represented Trayvon Martin's family. Sounds like they are already lining up for a money grab. I wonder if Obama had another fictional son he would look like Michael Brown

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    yes, they retained an attorney with experience in this matter because they are looking for money, because you know money replaces their son who was 18, unarmed and shot to death by police. police who wouldnt even see the mother a week after the shooting or interview any of the witnesses.
    Yes money will solve their anger and pain.
    why dont all black families with young sons think of this master plan.
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  9. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    I think that this is the thinking. But names in a public matter like this cannot be held for very long. There has been time to arrange for protection for the officer and his family if they have been threatened.

    This actually can protect both sides when violence and threats are still happening and the usual race-baiters are inflaming the hotheaded ones. Another Reginald Denny situation would poison potential jurists and public opinion quickly.

    The protesters need to chill and give the situation some time. The officer is known to the court. There will be hearings and possibly trials and it will all be sorted out publicly. The local Barney Fifes are hurting themselves by getting in the face of protestors and harassing journalists who will now have it in for the officer and objectivity will fly out the door. On the other hand it helps no one to allow another Rodney King riot situation to unfold.
  10. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    Such a necessary comment. :rolleyes:

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