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    He would have if he had taken the cop's weapon. The cop may be a "young man" too. There is too much that we don't know yet to be making statements like "the pig should fry".
  2. red55

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    CNN just said that that the officers name was released. Darren Wilson is a six-year veteran of the force with no history of disciplinary action. Also released were photos from a store video showing what appears to be Michael Brown and his friend robbing a convenience store and assaulting a clerk who called 911 and gave a description of the men. The officer was responding to that when he stopped the men who fit the description for questioning.
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    well imagine that
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    I watched an interview yesterday with two young ladies who were witnesses and they stated unequivocally that Brown was NOT in the car. From their vantage point, he was outside the car near the window and some kind of "tussle" occurred, a shot was fired, Brown took off, and was then shot. One of them had a cell phone video of Brown's body laying in the street and you can see he was a good 15-20 yards from the vehicle.

    And I agree that forensic evidence will be key here. Was a shot fired from inside? What angle? Was Brown hit at that time? Pictures of the officer with trauma to the face will be needed for their version to hold any water.

    I see both sides there. It certainly looks way over the top and yet they were being hit by rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails. Clearly ANYONE other than white popo would have been enough to at least slow things down. The Commander is black and from the area. It makes a big difference.
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    I am going to guess the clerk is Middle Eastern. We get similar types of store assaults in LA, often against Koreans and Hindus. Assuming that is Brown, it still doesn't mean he should have been shot in the back trying to flee.

    Yep. The pictures now circulating of Brown flashing gang signs are not helping the case. I don't know enough about either individual to make any judgments. Bad situation all around. However, in a town that is 70% black with an all-white police force, perhaps things needed to change.
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    On a related note, this chick at the press conference with the Umbrella Hat on is flashing the universal I've given up on life sign with this look, is she serious?

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    Has the coroner said that he was shot in the back? I have heard no forensic evidence at all. Just a lot of sometimes conflicting witness accounts.

    The store holdup has nothing to do with the shooting itself. But it does eliminate the notion that Brown was stopped for "walking while black". Or that he was a "kid".
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    There are two different groups in this picture - the guys wearing the riot gear with zip cuffs and batons, and the County's Tactical Team with the appropriate weapons to back them up, including a sniper. More and more departments moved to armored equipment after the Hollywood robbery when nine officers were shot...
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    I don't think the coroner's report has been released. I am obviously guessing based on a few things including initial police reports. I believe the fatal shot will prove to have been in the back.

    Clearly he was identified as a person of interest in the robbery. His friend that was present in both situations seems to have left the robbery out of his public comments. That and the "blood" signs sure make him seem like something other than nice, sweet, innocent.
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    Well well well! Is that a bit of egg I see on the face of Al Sharpton? He will cover his ass on this one. He is very good at that. I despise everything about Sharpton but he is so good at being weaselly that even I find him somewhat likable on TV sometimes.

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