The Myth of the Monolithic Black Vote

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    Chris Chrisite just won big in New Jersey with 1 in 4 black voters casting ballots for him and 1 in 3 Hispanic voters casting ballots for him.

    Again New Jersey!
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    Thats pretty good considering the national average that voted democrat for Obama..
  3. lsutiga

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    A picture is worth a thousand votes?


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    He is fat.
  5. lsutiga

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    Don't know if I'd toss out that "Myth" thingy though. Both candidates were white.
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    And finished. Like they say, he shot his wad.

    He'll be the next Buddy Roemer.

    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    you clearly dont understand what I am saying, so carry on!
    Doesnt matter, black people have voted for white candidates over the history of elections, my point is monolithic myth geared towards voting for democrats and the fact that new jersey is a pretty liberal state in a national election.

    1 in 4 voted for him, but in the national exit polls, those shifted to Hillary Clinton.

    Christie is doing something right with minority outreach.
    again, carry on with your nonsense tying him to Obama after a natural disaster, its pretty stupid game of association.
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    Matter of fact your post has kinda pissed me off, the lead on from that would be that they voted for him because he took pictures with a black man (Obama), which is asinine in itself. This guy is probably the best shot at winning the next POTUS election.
    Even Shaq cut an ad in New Jersey before the election for the guy. Maybe thats the reason blacks voted for him?

    find that ad and picture and post it, since thats the game we are playing.
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  9. islstl

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    LM, I am kind of lost with this thread and your point, are you saying that the Shaq video is or is not the reason black people voted for a Republican at such an enormously high rate in this election?
  10. islstl

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    Here is a blurb from wiki about the election campaign:

    On November 26, 2012, Christie filed papers to run for a second term in office, which would begin in January 2014.[99][100] Christie won the election over Barbara Buono on November 5, 2013 by a large margin, earning himself the position of governor for a second straight term. His advisors say that his strategy was to focus on winning a huge margin in New Jersey against Democratic opponent Barbara Buono, which would help position the governor for the presidential primaries and develop a model for other Republican candidates.[101] In the process, Christie is building a national fundraising network, aided by the fact that only one other state has a gubernatorial contest in 2013, and those financial resources are intended to support a major outreach effort toward blacks, Hispanics and women.[101]

    I assume the point you're making is if you actually try to reach out to the black voter in a sincere and tangible manner, they will in fact vote for you. No matter your party affiliation or ethnicity.
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