The nature of the man: Vince Lombardi.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Jean Lafitte, Dec 19, 2004.

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    I posted this in a thread, but I wanted people to comment on it directly. You may not care to think about my opinion too much . . . it's just my humble opinion.

    If Nick takes the Dolphins job, it's only because he's been offered one of the most prestigious coaching positions in the history of pro sports! Nobody can even DREAM of coaching the team that Don Shula coached for so many years.

    We can be sad and depressed, but let's not bash Nick Saban. He's got plenty of time to prepare for the bowl game and patch up recruiting if he turns down the Dolphins job.

    If he takes the Dolphins HC position, it's only because he is a super-competitive coach with incredible drive and healthy ambition to succeed at the highest levels of his profession.

    Nick's favorite college team will always be LSU, but the fact remains that we are only a college team. As a pro coach, Nick can expect his coaching strategy and tactics to be executed by the best football players in the world, not by college students (many of whom will never play much in the NFL).

    When I said that Nick Saban reminded me of Vince Lombardi, I meant it. Lombardi coached at Fordham University (his alma mater), but he left to coach at the highest levels of his profession . . . the NFL. Vince had to work very hard as a coordinator before being offered a HC job with the GB Packers. Vince was not satisfied after he won the 1960 NFL championship. Vince was NEVER satisfied! That's what made him great . . . he had an insatiable drive to challenge himself again and again in the most difficult endeavors he could find.

    Nick Saban is just like Vince Lombardi. Most of us regular guys can't understand Vince and Nick, because we are not like them at all.

    Who knows who is right? Vince Lombardi died way before his time due to colon cancer. Vince's drive to succeed in coaching was so fierce THAT HE NEGLECTED HIS OWN MEDICAL HEALTH, AND IT KILLED HIM.

    Nick Saban's father died before his time of a heart attack. Nick's dad was a driven, Type-A personality, JUST LIKE NICK IS.

    I was really hoping that Nick Saban would just settle down at LSU for about 10 years and then retire to a quiet life with Mrs. Saban. I'm terribly sad and depressed now that it seems like Mr. and Mrs. Saban are leaving LSU now. At least we can be sure that LSU will always be their favorite college team.

    The last thing that we should do is be bitter or angry with Nick Saban. He is NOT trying to harm LSU's interests in any way. It's just that something in him is driving him along, and probably won't stop driving him until he keels over dead one day.

    Nick and Terri, we love you. Hope you stay with us . . . Good luck if you can't.
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    My only problem with the way things are, If he keeps waiting, and does take the Miami job, it gives us very little time to patch up recruiting. Leaving us up **** creek without a paddle.
  3. BayouBert

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    Saban has been a huge net positive for all of our lives..regardless of whether he stays or not...No one in their right mind feels any differently...Nick will announce at the earliest time possible if he is accepting the Miami gig...leaving LSU with time to make the coaching search official..Nick loves LSU and will only leave for the challenge of the pros...
  4. cajdav1

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    Good post Lafitte, a good perspective. Houma, would it be better if he made a real quick decision to go because of being arfraid to hurt recruiting, would you want to lose him because of the pressure of making that decision yesterday?!!

    I would rather him take his time, really think out everything and maybe that will sway him to stay at LSU. You know those sales people that call and tell you that you have to make a decision today because the price is going to change tomorrow? You should alwys tell them no.

    I've read a few hundred posts in the past 3 days imploring Saban to hurry up with his decision due to us being afraid that waiting would hurt this recruiting class or because we are in distress and want it over with. We all would rather deal with the pain of him leaving instead of the anxiety we feel because he might leave. I've been thinking, man please have an answer everytime I've come to the board. Than it hit me, do I really want him to make a quick decision or do i want him to think it out completely. Would I rather lose Saban as a coach just so I could feel better or so that it won't hurt the recruiting class. I mean he is the best coach in LSU history. I think I would rather him not worry about hurting our feelings and make a well thought out decision.

    I've been a fool. I have a feeling this is going to be the third most important decision in the history of LSU football. The most important one was LSU and Saban agreeing on Saban becoming our coach. The 2nd one was Dietzel agreeing to become our coach. The 3rd one before this was Dietzel deciding to leave for Army, IMO.

    Maybe if Paul would have not felt the pressure to make such a quick decision due to Army and LSU's needing a quick one he would have really looked at the pro's and cons more in depth, seeing that Army was on the downward slope due to Viet Nam and the big push to get rid of the draft and that he could be set for life at LSU.

    I want Saban to stay and I am afraid that if he is feeling pressure from LSU to make a quick decision, which many have suggested Skip put on him, he may just have to decide to go. I don't want that. I would rather he really weigh all of the pro's and con's and make a good decision. we can get over one bad recruiting class if this one is effected adversely. We may never get over losing him as a coach.
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    Good post, Lafitte. Don't know if I agree with the Lombardi comparison, but I'll chalk it up as dramatic license :grin:
  6. TejasTiger

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    This is an interesting post. I just happen to be re-reading David Maraniss' "When Pride Still Mattered", and I kept thinking of how Vince's coaching style seemed to mirror Nick's.

    Specifically, Vince was an excellent judge of talent, often getting over on teams in trades and such. Consider, for one, Bart Starr. He was buried on the bench when Vince first got to Green Bay, then went on to a Hall of Fame career under Lombardi.

    I'm not saying they're identical, but great coaching is great coaching, and to see similarities in the way the two coach (or coached) is not surprising.
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    Great post ... very inspiring

    You can add the NEWS MEDIA to the list of those who didn't understand.

    My gridiron heroes as a kid were in Green Bay. I never was a Saints fan, not a single day in my life growing up in N.O. NFL FB INTEGRITY DIED WITH VINCE LOMBARDI ... and so did my interest in the "Not For Long"

    I never fogot Vince's words that have inspired me throughout my life ...

    FB is a great game. It embodies what America is all about ... Courage ... stamina ... teamwork ... strong mental discipline

    The only NFL games I even watch anymore are the Super Bowl (they hand out the Lombardi Trophy) & reruns of the 60's Packer championship games

    Yeah, the MEDIA & THE REST all try to scratch and paw and dissect it ... BUT THEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND OR TOUCH IT.

    I know Lombardi would love a coach like Nick Saban ... They're both chiseled from the same mold ... Men driven with a Passion and love for FB unlike any of their peers ... and I mean any of them.

    Men with strong mental discipline & an indomitable FAITH & BELIEF SYSTEM inspire others to achieve the unachievable

    IMO, LSU has their Vince Lombardi ... and the Golden era in LSU FB is upon us

    Rejoice oh young man in thy youth ... All glory is fleeting

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