The Quadruple Three-Peat

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    Or do you prefer calling it the Quadruple Triple? Regardless of the slogan that the four letter network ultimately deems worthy, there is no denying the significance of Phil Jackson's quest of four separate three-peats. Some may even claim that it represents the latest sign for the end of times (4 x 3 = 12 and we've all heard enough about 2012).

    Exactly a decade ago, I believed Jordan deserved much more credit for the initial two three-peats than Phil. Even though his Airness didn't win before or after Phil, the pre-Phil Bulls didn't have much talent and Jordan was clearly not the same with the Wizards.

    Then, Phil leads two strong personalities in Shaq and Kobe to coexist for their three-peat. The failure to win the fourth ended that mini-dynasty and Kobe struggled for a few years to even be competitive without Phil. When Phil comes back into the mix, Kobe's Lakers begin yet another three-peat run (with help from Pau).

    As if we need any more hype, the possible Finals opponents include a potential Finals "Rubber Match" with the Celtics led by Jesus Shuttlesworth and the Shaq Daddy of them all. If there were ever a time for NBA officials to 'guide' the outcome of the NBA playoffs, this would be it.

    Or, a razor thin close second would obviously be Lakers/Heat. Pat Riley coined 'three-peat' two decades ago but never achieved the feat. Other than Phil's teams, it hasn't occurred since the end of the Celtics run in 1966. With Lebron, DWade, & Bosh; it would be Riley's last chance at finishing on the good side of three-peat history.
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    Very impressive and probably the best coach in all of sports today.

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