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The Stand-Up Comedy Thread

Discussion in 'The RoundTable' started by BigWee_TEAMKATT, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. BigWee_TEAMKATT

    BigWee_TEAMKATT Victory for LSU!!!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am huge fan of stand up comedy. There are plenty of threads on here devoted to movies, best albums, name games, and the like. So, I thought those of us who really enjoy stand up deserve one as well.

    Post some of your favorite comedians on here. Unknowns, men, women, duos, vantriloquists, famous ones. Have fun. I listen to alot of comedy on Blue Collar and Raw Dog on Sirius. Here is someone I found who I think is really funny.

    Comedian Bob Marley:

  2. TheDude

    TheDude I'm calmer than you.

    Great thread. I can contribute without having to think too hard.

    George Carlin and Richard Pryor come to mind as all time favs but for guys I enjoyed and unfortunately are gone:

    Mitch Hedberg
    Sam Kinison
  3. CajunlostinCali

    CajunlostinCali The Bionic Burro

    Sammy. What a way to go. Found sobriety and soon there after died. An icon for the industry.
  4. TigerBait3

    TigerBait3 Guest

    When I saw the "I quit smoking thread" I immediately thought of Jim Gaffigan.

    "I haven't had a banana in a month but you don't see me bragging about it."
  5. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!


    Other then LSU my only other serious pass time is stand up comedy. There is one real big comedy club here that attracts more of the big names and I go there sometimes, but the one comedy club I LOVE is smaller and atracts more the up and coming comedians. I saw Billy Gardell there and now go see him where ever in the vicinity he comes! He has to be one of my favorite comedians!

    Plus the small comedy club is where Larry the Cable Guy does free shows about every 3-4 months to try out his new stuff. No avertising you just have to hit it right. I go almost every week so I don't miss it much! :D
  6. TheDude

    TheDude I'm calmer than you.

    Another great one gone, popped in to my head - Bill Hicks.
  7. TexTiger

    TexTiger Founding Member

    Daniel Tosh

    Kind of a new guy. Friggin hilarious

    BTW - Dane Cook sucks
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  8. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    Dave Chappelle's stand up is pretty funny. At the time, Eddie Murphy (Delirious) was the funniest thing I'd heard to that point. I know the ladies won't think this, but Andrew Dice Clay in his prime with the nursery rhymes was damn funny too.

    Of late, there's a comedian name Greg Geraldo (pronounced with a J, not an H :wink:) that makes me laugh out loud. He's kind of crude, but that's the kind of humor I like for some reason.
  9. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!

    Clay was pretty funny but I agree with Eddie Murphy but I liked Raw better!

    EEEDDDIIIEEE....I know you....you the .... you man!!!

    And the Mcdonald/Welfare Burger was classic!
  10. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    I may be getting Raw and Delirious mixed up. If Raw was the one where he did the gay Ralph and Norton from the Honeymooners or talking about how Elvis had to sing everything, then sang 'Lemonade, that cool, refreshing drink', then that's the one I'm referring to.

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