Things you'll never hear an Ole Miss fan say

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    Not another Manning!

    Eli is good, but he is overrated by the media just like his dad & brother were before him.

    We had 20 recruits make it to Oxford this time.

    Last year at our Bowl game...

    Once you look at it with an unbiased opinion, LSU is superior to Ole Miss in many ways.

    We're SEC champions.

    Our D-Line is awesome.

    I'm sick of these Orgeron to the NFL rumors!

    Tommy Tubberville is THE BEST coach we've had in years!

    What's Billy Brewer up to these days?

    We just won the College World Series.

    We beat Valparaiso in the NCAA tourney.

    Who let the dogs out?

    Who's James Meredith?

    I think I own too many pairs of khaki pants.

    I don't care much for J-Crew or Banana Republic.

    My polo shirt doesn't match my shoes, but what the hell?

    Hotty Toddy is a queer, lame cheer.

    The Grove is WAY overrated.

    Finding the perfect centerpiece is too much work. Why can't we just fire up the grill?

    My daddy just bought me a new Corolla!

    The girls at State are prettier.

    It's ok that you're not in a fraternity/sorority. Nobody 'round here cares about that kind of stuff.

    I don't need a T-shirt to go to a party.

    Not only is William Faulkner the most famous man from Oxford; I also understand and enjoy reading him.

    I thought Graceland was tacky.

    Kim Cattrall is hot. I don't watch for the storyline.

    I'll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits and gravy.

    Who gives a damn who won the Civil War?

    Why would anybody want to wave a rebel flag?

    I don't think I've ever heard Dixie.


    Nope, no more for me. I'm driving.

    I don't drink cosmopolitans. They're for girls.

    I'll take Quantum Physics for $1000, Alex.

    Yes Regis, that's my final answer.

    Nah, LSU won the 2003 SEC Championship outright.

    We're National Champions

    How far is it to Atlanta?

    We're ranked!

    I am now manager at the car wash.

    I hope we have another winning season next year.

    "Me and my friend Tyrone..."

    "i'd date her if we weren't related."

    We had so many players drafted by (insert random NFL team), its like they are Ole Miss North!

    We are headed to the Sugar Bowl again!!!!!

    We are glad Tubbs left. we are much better now.

    Plaid and white bucks are ridiculous

    Man what a great coaching move we just made.

    No Senator Craig, I'll pass.

    How far is it to Shreveport?

    I'd like to book a flight to Omaha.

    It's more important to us that we make a bowl game than beat LSU.

    I don't care for bleached blonds with implants

    I'd never, she is only sixteen

    Vaught-Hemmingway registed on the seismograph

    Wraslins fake

    Those Duke boys were too violent, and the general lee was ugly.

    Look, we're lining up in the victory formation!

    Where can I get an application for Mensa?

    "I will take that flag down because it represents the racist past of our ancestors"

    "Yes, LaMarcus, you can take my daughter out, just don't do anything I wouldn't do"

    touchdown rebels!!!!!

    "Sugar Bowl tickets cost how much ?"

    Get in the truck Shirley, we're goin to tha opera.

    Crossburning, whats that?

    no thanks, I don't do coke

    We never even wanted Jerrell Powe.

    JaMarcus Russell > Robert Lane

    I think we might be getting Nick Saban next Year.

    I think I'll go home and read a book.

    "Just two more wins and we're bowl eligible."

    Back away from the sheep Billy Dale...

    I love the city life....

    You won't believe what happened at the dentist's office yesterday.....

    Damn, those Mannings are an ugly bunch....

    I don't think blue jeans would be appropriate....

    Did you hear what ESPN said about us.....

    Hey sweety, pass the spittoon.....oh wait, n/m

    I've got to get out of this trailer park.

    This physics stuff is pretty interesting.

    Lay down those flags boys, We lost the war.

    Do these overalls make my butt look big?

    Mom.....I got into Harvard.

    get off me dad

    We're getting indoor plumbing for the stadium this year.

    "Waving a rebel flag and having a confederate mascot while 85% of the players on our team are African American is not a complete contradiction in terms, nor is it ironic."

    We're getting indoor plumbing for the stadium this year.

    "Sure, just let me shower and brush my teeth and I'll be right over."

    We need a bigger trophy case.

    Dude, is that what Meth looks like?

    Dude, don't wear those pants. They're gay.

    I just won the Nobel Prize

    take your time bailing me out of jail dad

    we dont like to show off our money

    I just donated half my pay check to charity

    There is nothing more important then an education

    I think I'll get a job after I graduate

    I got a job after I graduated, and it has nothing to do with who my dad does business with

    Don't cut holes in those, they are the good sheets

    "Obama is too liberal for my tastes, but I would definitely vote for Colin Powell."

    what's a corndog?

    Straton and Muffy, aren't y'all a little overdressed for the game?

    Um, I don't swallow.

    Tying a sweater around your neck looks silly.
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    Mississippi ranks higher than ________ in ___________.

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